POPs and Structures: A Holding Replacement Proposal

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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning

Captain Frakas

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You are so very wrong.

He isn't in the part "The Middle Ages were about land"... Land was something that fundamental to mediaeval era: it was the main source of power, of wealth, of prestige. It was the main consideration of individuals, not only lords but also peasants... It would be silly to not base a mediaeval game on lands (and, IMHO, CK2 do not go far enough in that path).

He is saying however in the part which wrongly suggest that "filthy peasants or greedy merchants and craftsmen" have nothing to do with the Middle Ages (everyone will quite easily found how this part of the sentence is idiotic).

IMHO, completing lands with inhabitants is a good idea but substituting land by inhabitants is a confuse idea.