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Mar 28, 2016
Can anyone help with an idea I have been obsessed with for years? I want to change a SPLIT SIZE for POPs from 40k to 20k with a ratio of 50/50 (instead of 75/25 as it is). I am almost sure that these settings should be located somewhere in victoria.exe, because of my unsuccessful attempts of finding these parameters in readable files, like D:\...\db\economy\conversion-costs.txt. As a beginner I was not able to find them with HEX editor either. The only clue that was indeed found is "SPLIT_BUTTON_TOOL_TIP_FAIL" and "SPLIT_BUTTON_TOOL_TIP_OK" mentions, though there weren't any formulas or parameters nearby I was looking for. I kind of understand the original game code had fallen apart due to crypting processes. And if there are members who do know why one should be looking for 2B 07 88 5C or 82 07 88 5C in order to change start/end years, there is a hint that my idea could come try.

You might be wondering why? Everyone who played this game for a while knows there is an economic bonus when you split POPs. If we could split all possible POPs to the size of 10 we would gain the most efficient productive system within the game rules.



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Jan 25, 2009
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Well, there is no necessity to split POPs ingame. Just look around to find the POP_Splitter_v5.5.rar file. It allows you to split all POPs at once and creates a new savegame afterwards. You can definde which POP types are actually to be split. It's very easy to use and a very helpful tool.