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May 29, 2010
I have windows vista, hoi2 v1.3b(I think), 1914 v 0.43, and I have some sugestions:
I think that Austria-Hungary, Italy and Turkey should be more powerfull, I mean, germany has more than 200 IC and Austria only has little more than 100, Italy only has 65 and the otomans have little more than 40. This makes this otter countries less enjoyable to play, I think that this 3 countries should have more IC since all the other major powers have a LOT more, I think that they sould have between 180 and 140.

Also, I noticed an error on the italian front. As you know, the trenches(forts) are constructed according to the front, for example, if france has metz and germany has strasbourg, the forts should appear on this 2 provinces, however, on the italian front this doesn't happen, the trenches always appear on the same provinces (milan, venice, ljiubjiana, rijeka and trento) no matter where the italian and ah's armies are facing each other, another problem is that innsbruck doesn't get forts when the trenches appear, so it leaves a gap in the italian front, but as I said the whole trench line is wrong, so this innsbruck thing is only a minor issue.

Another thing is that the "The german army captures brussels" event always happens when you play with any country that isn't germany, 12 german divisions appear out of nowhere in brussels, even if the germans haven't crossed the belgian border yet.

Also, I saw is another post that the ottomans refuse to attack the suez is intentional to keep them from invading africa and leaving their homeland without troops, I think that if that's the case, they should attack the suez but don't go beyond, just to sieze the channel, otherwise the game gets a bit unrealistic.

Also, romania, bulgaria and greece never seem to joyn the war on their respective sides.

That's all, thanks and please enlight me on this subjects. PS: this is not a critic, I love the game and I want to sieze this opportunity to give my congratulations to its developers and anyone envolved on its construction, the game is awesome!!
May 29, 2010
Just to add another thing.

The rest of the game happened exactly as it should, historical dates and everything, the countries didn't do anithing stupid or ahistorical, the only other 3 things that I remembered are:
Britain sends too few units to france, even if they've a lot of them on the british islands.
On the experimental monoplane, (and I think that in all the planes of the secret weapons slot), get wwii plane images on the production panel.
I think that tanks should be a division instead of a brigade.

That's all, thanks