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Jun 29, 2022
I'm not sure where else to say this and I apologize if it's been said already.

Devs: please allow the UCP mod again. Nothing about it is abusive or toxic or whatever it was flagged for. All it does is add buildings. Having it disabled is causing my game to either be unable to load any of my saves, or crash. It's been over a week since the mod was removed.

Also you really need to find a better way to handle mods that get flagged. This same issue has happened so many times with so many mods, it's ridiculous. If nothing else, show a warning when a mod's been flagged but allow us to choose whether or not to use it. I'm well aware if you didn't moderate modding that some people would take advantage of it, but that risk exists for modding in general. Doing any modding already puts the responsibility on the user. You don't really have the right to choose which mods users should be allowed to use.
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Jul 11, 2022
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I would like to add that the modding system is unintuitive, as I have trouble with it over Steam, and it can lead to the impression that certain things are actually broken on purpose. I just made a Steam guide to help other people with this problem. I also think that virtually any mod should be allowed and that I don't want anyone else curating what I can and can't see or use.