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Aug 26, 2022
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The past couple of days, I've been replaying this game. Its been years since I had downloaded this into my PC, and I forgot how much fun this game is. The way it shows your character by being top down, and always realigning the camera is mesmerizing. I love how there's branching paths you can take, allowing you to run completely different bosses. I added up an extra fifteen hours from the past week. I noticed something that looked familiar when the opening credits passed through. I never knew that paradox was a part of this. I usually play EU4 and Stellaris in my free time, so to find out that they worked on a game like this was really surprising. I wonder if they would ever try another top down design like this again. It scratches an itch I sometimes get when I want to reminisce. I just wanted to to put my thoughts out on paper. Feels good saying this into the void. And maybe, somebody else will come across this, giving them that same itch that I had. Its a fun game to play. Whoever sees this, I want you to boot this up again. It's worth your time.