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Oct 7, 2015
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Last Friday I had an annoying experience with a player with the name "Kalaune", who was posting Nazi-Slogans, while playing SDN 44.

It shouldnt be suprising to once in a while being confrontated with Players who use the game to spam it with their stupidity. But I think their should be possibility to exclude Players, who again and again are using the game to insult others as "retarded", or who are posting nazi-slogans in Multiplayer, or using Nazi-signs or names.

For me it is ok to create a game, which is based on events of WW2, but at the same time a company doing so, should demonstrate, that they are not tolerating racist, homophobic or xenophobic behaviour. And they should enlighten, that f.e. units like the 1.SS were involved in warcrimes from the beginning to the end of WW2.

Every player should be responsible for his way of acting, and in worse cases, like the one I experienced with "Kalaune", should be expelled from the game.
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Closing as otherwise this thread will continue as trollbait I suspect.
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