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Hello Stellaris Community!

We've created this forum post to act as a repository of useful knowledge for new and existing players. Here you can find useful links, tutorials, and other resources that will hopefully make your experience in Stellaris easier and more fun.

We think it's a great start to make use of the in-game tutorial steps to get the best overview of the game! Unless you’ve selected an advanced species (e.g. Gestalt Consciousness), the tutorial is automatically enabled when being new to the game. If you’ve accidentally scrapped VIR and want to re-enable the tutorial, check out the Settings menu, in the Gameplay tab!

No matter how far you have already come with the tutorial or your own explorations, we think these are some tips that are always good to keep in mind:

Choose the United Nations of Earth for your first playthrough, as it's one of the empires that is the most relatable to new players. As you're exploring the galaxy, keep an eye out for a species that may seem.. familiar.

Build a second science ship as early as possible and assign a scientist. Science ships will not be able to explore unvisited systems without a scientist. Get a third science ship when you have the opportunity!

Exploring during the early game is key, so use your secondary science vessel to explore out into the galaxy and set your ships on a course to survey each system that’s nearby. Holding shift will allow you to give your science ship multiple orders, and remember you can survey entire systems by right-clicking and selecting Survey System from the galaxy map! This will reveal potential resources, anomalies, and colonizable planets that are within a few jumps of your starting system. You always want to try and search out for all-important resources.

Take advantage of early colonization if you can! On your homeworld, construct an Industrial District along with a Mining District to support it, and you will be sitting on a comfortable alloy stockpile by the time you’re ready to colonize your first planet. When you find a colonizable planet, you need to build a starbase with your Construction Ship before you can colonize the planet!

Use your Construction Ship to build starbases around the star in surveyed systems. You should always be on the lookout for colonizable planets and prioritize building starbases in those systems first. Once you build a starbase, you will be able to build mining and research outposts on the planets and asteroids in the system. The resources your empire will gain per month are shown under the planet and as well as on the galaxy map.

Consider Pops as one of your most important resources as they are required to fill jobs in your buildings. They generate basic resources and can turn those resources you found into useful things for your Empire. Pops grow faster when they have free housing available!

Make use of the galactic market. Working at a deficit is not a failure! If you are growing, production will lag as jobs get taken by your population. When you cannot run a surplus on your own, remember that you can always buy from the galactic market.<br><br>

Keep up on your Research by building Science Labs and Orbital Research Stations. You will also be able to find anomalies, archaeological sites, and other points of interest throughout the galaxy, these will often lead to new technological discoveries which will benefit you on your adventure out into the stars!

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If you have suggestions for things to include in this repository, please post your suggestions in this thread.​
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