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Nov 22, 2017
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Hugbox, a friendly EU4 MP server with over 200 members, is launching its first season of Imperator: Rome now that the beta patch is live.

Immerse yourself in the 4th century BC as you and a host of other slave-holding polytheists struggle for supremacy in the lands around the Great Inland Sea.

Princes, prophets and scholars agree that Imperator MP is 17 times more fun than SP.

Though competitive, we welcome players of all skill levels and especially value reliability and good sportsmanship.

We will play all 277 years of the campaign and determine the winner by the final in-game score. Sessions will start on Tuesday, 25 June and continue every Tuesday from 8 PM to 12 AM CEST. Players are welcome to join mid-season as it is sure to be eventful.

Tuesdays CEST: 8 PM to 12 AM GMT: 7 PM to 11 PM EST: 1 PM to 5 PM PST: 10 AM to 2 PM

To sign up, click here: https://discord.gg/fEphzYE (you will have to download the Discord app if you don’t have it already). If you have any questions, just send a message to yourcrazyex or one of the members of the mod team.