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Apr 27, 2013
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I would like to think that I understand some of the decision to make the early access portion of the game an Epic Games Launcher exclusive, but once the game is released, I would much prefer to use Steam, mostly because it's the platform of choice for those that I play with. Will there be an option to migrate over at release, or is it a one-and-done - you are stuck with Epic.

I can guess the answer to this, but one can hope.
Game platform migrations are difficult at best. I only really know one game that offered a limited time migration from their official site to Steam - and that was Kerbal Space Program.
I bought a lot of my PDX games on Paradoxplaza - they provide you with a Steam key. Unfortunately these are all Steam Exclusives. Surviving Mars just got released on the EGS as well but Paradox Plaza still only provides the Steam Keys.

Surviving the Aftermath does NOT require you to start the EGS Launcher so you can just add a link in Steam. You won't be able to update the game however if you don't start the Epic Launcher every once in a while.