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Jul 16, 2020
I was attacking a 3,9K station with 10,3K fleet (46 Bs and 4 c's). Battle ships equipped with 3 small plasma accelerators and 1m 2s nulls. Nulls were fired but plasma not. All avail. DLCs/version. Loadinv save fixed it.


Apr 9, 2019
This may be because the battleships never entered the range of the plasma accelerators in order to fire; if you want them to fire, check their range and change the combat computer accordingly.
A reload of the save may update the positions of the battleships which is why they were able to fire.


Second Lieutenant
Jan 15, 2019
it's because the range of the small plasma accelerator is 30, where as the range small null void is 60, if enemy ships don't get within range the weapon won't fire.

also as suggested since your using a mix of short and medium-range weapons change your battleships ships combat computer to Picket instead of line or artillary so that your battleship will move to enemy positions until they are within range of your short-range weapons.

when designing ships look at the range values of your weapons and choose the combat computer based on the shortest-range weapon.

NOTE: by default the game always seems to auto-select the longest-range combat computer available for that ship type e.g artillery before weapon components are added to the ship, you will need to manually change the combat computer to the appropriate one based on the shortest range weapon