Planetary Defenses on non-habitable planets

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May 6, 2016
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In Stellaris, I think that the late game makes defending frontiers very difficult against threats, as I mention in this post:, in which I give an overview of some countermeasures, including this one.

Here I focus on static defenses. They are very useful to protect an empire's frontiers, but not in the late game. The fleets can be powerful enough to vanquish such fortresses easily. If you disagree, think about a multiplayer game when the galaxy is at the hands of only a few players, where very powerful fleets are bound to appear before the crisis, not to mention after.

So, my idea is to add additional static defenses that can't simply be made useless by coming with powerful enough fleets. They would add modifiers instead of firing upon the enemy, and would be located on celestial bodies to avoid destruction unless bombarded long enough.
Here, I will call them system defense facilities.

They could be built on uninhabited celestial bodies (non-destroyed planets or asteroids). I would say that only one effect can be chosen for each facility, with each effect being unlocked by techs of the common tree or as outcome of special projects. To avoid having an empire having those on every planet they have, they should be limited in number with a cap (similar to starbases), which should be function of either naval capacity/population/soldier jobs in order to give empires playing "tall" a fair limit. These facilites could be destroyed by orbital bombardment (for example, by increasing devastation to a certain point). Additionnally, I would say a given type of facility can only be built once per system.

So, here are some ideas of modifiers or effects such facilites could have:

Subspace Inertia Dampeners:
Decreases enemy sublight speed by 50%

Local Privateer's Base:
Increases enemy fleets' maintenance by 100%

Jump Anchor:
See my Jump inhibition idea on this post:

Amoeba Care Facilities:
(requires Amoeba Breeding Program technology)
Periodically spawns Space Amoebas in the system. These creatures will behave naturally, but will stay in the system. There is a limit to their numbers.

Crystalline Node:
(requires pacifying Crystalline Entities)
Periodically spawns Crystalline Entities in the system. These creatures will behave naturally, but will stay in the system. There is a limit to their numbers.

FTL inhibitor:
(requires FTL Inhibition technology)
Same effects compared to stations or planet's buildings. Stops hostiles from exiting the system from a hyperlane they did not use to enter it.

Shield Auxiliary Generator:
(requires Planetary Shields technology)
All inhabited planets within the system possessing a "Planetary Shield Generator" are immune to damage from orbital bombardment and cannot be invaded. The facility with a "Shield Auxiliary Generator" needs to be destroyed before invading these planets.

Core Destroyer Facility:
(requires core-cracking colossus technology)
Inflicts damage to all ships and stations in the system when manually triggered. Inhabited planets also get large amounts of devastation. Allies are not exempt. The facility is then destroyed, and its planet becomes a shattered world. Can only be built on telluric planets.

Saboteurs' Base:
Enemy fleets cannot repair.

Underground Reporter Base:
If the starbase in the system belongs to the enemy, the enemy gains a -25% penalty to their diplomatic weight.

Some of them could apply modifiers to allied or hostile combat capabilities to help with a counter-attack:

Ground Tracking:
Increases chances to hit for allied fleets by 20.

Interfering Signals Emitter:
Increases evasion for allied fleets by 20.


In any case, let me know what you think, or if you have additional ideas !
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