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Mar 12, 2020
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Main topic relations
  1. Introduction
  2. Preline for orientation
  3. How planet construction could look like
  4. Terraforming related to a new detail level and order
  5. After word

As it is possible to destruct a planet, why not building one by oneself with high magnetic shield and high gravity modifier? This is logically possible in the game lore because of the life seeded trait with megastructural planet vanishing which implies this ability (ideal 25 title).

The title size are the amount of supported resources you can get out of it. Star types define how much planets can be supported in the habitable green zone. High gravity modifier related to bio-pop defines max. size of a planet (1,2-1,3G).
  • Fallen empire with 30 titles
  • High gravity modifier up to 35 title
  • Artificial moons on 20 - 25 title portional to host planet
  • two 30 - 35 title planets rotating around eachother
As I understand on smaller stars it should be more efficient to build a ringworld on bigger stars planets. That planets can completely used is suggested by building of a ringworld where they as result vanish, what implies that this basically is possible for your empire.

Even with the gate technology in combination of the colossus project you should be able to relocate planets as a whole which is an easier way to get one planet functional to rise resources that allow to build better planets. In this case it could be interesting to leave a planet completely in later games and settle on a new one.

Always if I look for a terraforming mod I look for the following possibilities. Everything else would somehow breaking the immersion. Biggest problem is the question where does the resources come from, and has a player a way to influence this resources.

Preline for orientation
Logical sequence, research requirements and timeline for the estimated terraforming until planet construction ability followed by megastructural building
The main thing here is that megastructural building would be more delayed in game. For my taste where it belongs because they are called utopian expansion. This can be reasoned out of the visual vanishing of planets after a ringworld construction, that suggest you can somehow influence this planets. As such this idea restores the immersional order.

Some basic informations
How planet construction could look like
Step on

Problem: Getting a bigger radius size of the planet or resources for construction
  • Case one: two or more smaller planets get cracked and stripped of their iron core, combing their mantle and core or exclude heavy material out of mantel for bigger core
  • Case two: one big planet gets cracked and stripped, mantle and core gets distributed for more planets
  • All not constructional resources gets stripped become useable for player overtime or immediately (new created planets are free from mineral mines because they are already reduced for the ecological system only).
Step two
Problem: Relocation of planets and parts of them
  • Use gate technology (terraform construction gate) and colossus tractor beam to transport the planet or its parts to a system or directly to its desired orbit
  • You can't stop planet's acceleration completely (reverse tractor beam and push from behind), you need to decelerate or accelerate it depending on the stars type habitable zone requirements or construction side (makes the game automatically just logical determination) and perform a reverse slingshot maneuver.
    If this is possible it will work,
    slingshot maneuver.
    You need two separate gates (terraform construction gates)

    Interesting events compatibility with ancient mining drones
Step three
Problem: Assembling the single parts
  • Assembling stage one: You need to orbit its core near a star to get the required heat to melt the parts together and get the cores operating temperature. Depending star needs to be hotter then a G type star (Sol). (missing link earth core is as hot as sol surface)
  • Assembling stage two: With further progress the planet's core gets placed further away from the star and its mantle gets assembled (you don't have time to wait until it cools off, means this isn't a cake you want to bake). This step is defined by the desired size of the planet or moon and with this can be timely different or dynamically variate
  • Assembling stage three: Assembly of the crust and atmosphere. Simple, it requires water. For this I think every cracked planets has the resources of a specific amount of water and the player can decide or requires to strip this and deposit on an existing planet, maybe solid frozen or fluid, in last case equally transported with a smaller gate on a terraform colossus type. Put the gate below water surface or frozen with laser and done. Means a player needs an ocean world in the habitable zone as deposit for not used water.

    To harvest the atmosphere we should use the terraform colossus (maybe it splits into 12 + 1 main parts around the planet) that generate pressure on a planet with 12 modules all around the planet that use tractor beam technology to generate this pressure and the terraform colossus main module gate harvests it. This is equally needed to compress the surface and stable later buildings.

    To transport bioactive material you need a stable atmosphere on both planets which makes the thing more complicated and requires more resources in flux. Means this is the first thing you want to do.
  • Gate technology
  • Colossus tradition technology
  • Reverse and tractor beam technology
  • Equivalent heat shield technology
  • Two terraform construction gates
  • Terraform colossus
  • An hotter over G type star to reach melting and heating temperature of 6000 °C
  • - A potential ocean world, uranus/neptun and/or normal water world) (requirement depending on terraforming goal, wetness and place in habitable zone)

    - A potential toxic gas world (not venus like) as deposit for gases/atmospheres (requirements depending on terraforming goal, wetness and place in habitable zone)

    To use the habitable zone most efficiently we will see or create wet ocean worlds and CO2 high atmosphere in the colder regions of habitable zone and dry desert worlds or continental worlds to allow exchangual heat flow with low CO2 in the hot regions, but this requires a proper continental structure
Includet resources
First mentioned resources blocks or get lost by access the resources below earlier.
  • Biological active material (Existing on not cracked planets, ")
    , only used by biological active planets) (O, Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Na, K, Mg)

    Atmospheres in biological evolutional material case like water, gases should transported directly. If the amount of material isn't fitting the missing amount it has to generate which takes more time as just to transport already existing biologically active material.

  • Atmosphere gases (Existing on not cracked planets, ")
  • Water (Existing on not cracked planets, ")
  • Planet mantle elements (Cracked mantel elements, ")
  • Planet core elements (Cracked core elements, in game world location consistent until used)
UI integration
Requirements for easy and fast information processing
  • Reworking of representative solar distances to respects circumstellar habitable zone propotinos
  • Visual showing of habitable green zone
  • More diverse gas and water worlds distribution in solar systems as actual
After word
Rough overview of how I imagine it and how it might work. Many things could set to already existing resources and represent in them but this would block the difference of specific stages and don't transport the feeling of their represented importance, equally I don't think that you can store a planet somehow in your silos. Furtherly implies all of this that resources on planets are limited but this can easily ignored as already done. I think this system could benefit the playstyle of fanatic pacific ethics and inwards perfection or all cooperating playstyles. The federation addon furtherly supports this approach. Any other war style ethics don't need to consider it, its just absorbe new planets to compenside its hunger.

The trait life-seeded implies that some species saw this as useful or interesting. This could equally set to a relevance for xenophiel fraction even for xenophobe as survival garantie and gives an empire wide buff like the declaration of a holy world for example by a spiritual ethics and with that it gives a reason to do it and not use it for resources because it brings more advantages. Means I would find a life-seeding ability most

Some other ideas for terraforming:
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