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Sep 16, 2021
anyone know how hard it would be to make a 'pipe armor' mod that could be built over pipes and cables, probably costing 1 or .5 metal a section, but preventing most all leaks.

in game, its possible to do this already by covering the pipe in valves, hense the 1 metal a tile cost, but it is teadious to place so many valves and switches, and also makes it so rovers cannot travel under the pipes.

if everything in this possible mod went how i wanted it to, it could be placed on a pipe and dragged like you would to place a normal wire or pipe. if would never leak in normal dust storms, very rarely break and then allow leaks in great dust storms, and still break with a direct impact form a meteor.

If you later got the super pipes and/or cables breakthrough, the building would still be buildable, but pointless

I do not think this is a mod already