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A few ideas that may help you get around performance issues you may be experiencing.

1) Corrupt save game files - try Cheexsta's solution in this thread

2) Autosave/Save problems - there is an indication that this may be related to system performance (time to upgrade?)
a) Try "delete the map cache before starting the game, I don't experience a crash upon saving" - Lysimachos, Cheexsta
b) Play with autosave off - Dominatus, Wiz
c) Too many big files in the savegame folder - Cheexsta, Wiz​

3) Game crashes
a) Check the Wars section in the Ledger and make sure any country is not at war with itself. If it is you will experience a crash when one nations annexes another. Solution: edit the save game file to remove nation being at war with itself. - Hardradi​

4) Try the 2Gig hack - fixes sporadic crashes. A few other people have mentioned this along with BBR91. This is the >link<.

5) Another autosave "solution" - I think I found the problem. It's the "time" file in the map\cache folder. If I remove it before startup I can run the savegame. If "time" is already present, the game crashes if I click the savegame. The problem with the "time" file can always be reproduced. So I created a batch file to remove the "time" file after/before every game. - AlCord

6) Cheexsta's Save Game Trimmer - this may help
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