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Apr 23, 2019
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this message is for the people who are trying to like imperator but they cant. i know exactly the situation , been there.

your current situation : you already gave up on I:R or you are about to. you have nothing to lose. except time already invested and 55 euros if u are fool like me instead of 29 (cheapcdkeys)

you have 2 options : slowly or quickly abandom IR (i doubt 1.1 will be decisive for many of you, maybe 1.3 will)

or you can try multiplayer.

Currently there are only really 2 discord groups (which are interconnected a LOT so its 1 huge discord basically)
which are active and alive.

first one is https://discord.gg/sgyBXrg (wild bills hangout, he streams also I:R multiplayer) Id suggest joining here<

and second one is : https://discord.gg/BB8pbnM (run by Pope the greek)

Some people who can help you with anything (everyone will but these are safe bets) :

(wild bills hangout : Wild bill, Stefanoyx , Pope)

(pope's imperator: Pope)

others stream aswel , like stefanoyx and some others

Games are played daily. yes they often end up abruptly or inconclusively, like after 50 to 100 years but kid yourself not , you have a lot to learn (both mp gameplay and how things work) before you can actually fully enjoy multiplayer experience.
In time we will start old fashioned organized games (i will if noone else will start it ) where you reserve your nation and play at designated times or dates. I was also sceptical at first, because i only played strictly organized eu 4 , every game would last untill 1700s at least but i am positively surprised how these game play out , even tho they are not perfect.
you have to do it the hard way, its that or throw I:R into the trashbin. After you invest couple days into this i guarantiee that 90% of you will be satisfied and a new chapter of IR will begin for you
this is not playing against AI ,theres actual diplomacy and you will struggle to survive. forget about mindless repetetive world conquests or trashing AI

so to repeat, Discord i d advise you to join is https://discord.gg/sgyBXrg , find chat room (room) down bellow. Feel free to ask questions there or here
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Aug 8, 2009
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