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Jan 4, 2021
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Hello everyone. It’s time for the last patch of the year, and as Mariina mentioned in CO Word of the Week, this one includes both performance improvements and gameplay fixes. We expect that you’ll see the biggest improvements when looking at areas with a lot of pedestrians - yes, they now have level of detail (LOD) models.

Thank you for all the great feedback and the bug reports. We appreciate you taking the time to share them with us, and as always, if you run into any new issues, they can be reported here.

Update 15:35 CET: The patch is live!

Winter Treat - 2 New Maps

  • Sunshine Peninsula
  • Corral Riches

  • Added LODs for characters and selected assets
  • Optimized geometry layout for all assets
  • Decreased Virtual Texturing pressure with assets that don't use emissive maps
  • Disabled VSync for default settings
  • Disabled volumetric lighting calculations where it was mostly invisible

  • Improved lane-changing behavior for vehicles
  • Fixed: Traffic accidents that last forever (and improved resolution of the accidents)
  • Improved cargo air transport by:
    • Increasing airplane cargo capacity from 50t to 100t
    • Increasing airport cargo terminal capacity from 100t to 720t
    • Adding all resource types to Airplane Outside Connections
    • Not allowing cargo terminals to store garbage resource
  • Storage fixes:
    • Improved storage buildings to consider both current storage and future storage (to include cargo already on its way)
    • Fixed: Cargo terminals import garbage
    • Fixed: Companies can buy the input resource from commercial companies
    • Fixed: Export can happen when output resource amount is below 0
    • Fixed: Resource amount might become negative when transport vehicle loading a large amount of resource (negative amounts reset to 0 in existing saves)
    • Fixed: Airport can import goods from Road Outside Connection when there is no air cargo route
  • Economy fixes & improvements:
    • Replaced money buffering system with a new system that directly deducts the money (city’s income should be more predictable now)
    • Fixed: Income awarded twice
    • Fixed: Unknown profit during storage transfer
  • Fixed: Pedestrian navigation issues with train station’s subway upgrade (requires the building to be rebuilt to take effect)
  • Fixed: Pedestrian walking through the air between elevated/lowered/raised/tunnel networks and buildings
  • Fixed: Options search text can overlap with the delete symbol
  • Fixed: Sometimes pathfinding for resources does not include cargo loading locations
  • Fixed: Saving and rebooting the game gives extra XP based on the number of residential buildings in the city
  • Fixed: Four Seasons and Spiderwebbing achievements cannot be earned
  • Fixed: Pressing "M" while in photo mode removes the UI permanently for that session
  • Added missing localization for Photo Mode and Options menu

  • Added line color to passenger ships, cargo ships, and cargo train engines
  • Improved quality of character model variations
  • Fixed: Visual glitches with metallic/smoothness maps on character clothes
  • Fixed: Light props on Grand Bridge float in the air after connecting a road
  • Improved lights on forest machinery
  • Improved propping for several buildings
  • Fixed: Spawn point for cargo trucks is not inside the warehouse as expected
  • Fixed: International Aiport roads are not inverted with left-hand traffic
  • Fixed: Crosswalk looks broken when pedestrian path bridge is connected to ground pedestrian path through a road
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That's an awesome patch. Need to check out later.

Thanks for the hard work. The game rocks and will get better. Patch by patch.

Enjoy the vacation for all of you.
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Awesome, great to see some progress and improvements in terms of GPU optimization.

I have to wait until CO tackles CPU optimization before I can look again into the game, but I hope we will get that at one point.
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Update on PC Game Pass is 51GB?
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I have to wait until CO tackles CPU optimization before I can look again into the game, but I hope we will get that at one point.

Imho it's worth already checking the overall performance as easing some load on GPU as well as improving the simulation itself can also mean easing some load on CPU side ;)
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And we're live. It's a big one, so it may take a while to apply the patch. :)
I'm just trying out the new build and GPU side performance is just AMAZING (FPS locked at 40)for me, even in situations with hundreds of residents visible... Many kudos to the team!


Have some nice holidays! :)
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I have a few questions:

With this patch, can you give a completion percentage for performance upgrades?

How close are we to focusing on gameplay enhancements that many players here have suggested?

Pedestrian stairs (and associated node/path network) is what we want the most per forum posts - is that being considered as a top priority for implementation in-game?

When do you anticipate the next patch to be released in 2024?
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