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Jan 4, 2021
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Hi everyone. We have another hotfix for you today with improvements and bug fixes, see the list below for details.

Please note! With existing save games, most simulation fixes require the simulation to run for a while to take effect.

  • Increased leisure probability to balance the "No customers" situation with commercial companies
  • Improved balance of companies' profit
  • Tuned down companies ordering input resources when their storage don't have enough space
  • Fixed trade resource bug preventing some resources from being consumed
  • Fixed miscalculation in college/university eligible count
  • Improved conditions for companies to move away when bankrupt
  • Fixed a dependency error with land value causing potential instability
  • Fixed an issue where loading a new map would cause water state to get out of sync with the save data
  • Slightly increased Windows emission intensity
  • Optimizations for area lights
  • Prefer rendering small objects after large ones when possible to improve GPU performances in some cases
  • Improved shadow LOD calculations to cull irrelevant shadow casters earlier
  • Reduced situations where trees and alpha clipped objects would lead to virtual texturing space running out
  • Fixed citizens hanging around at park areas on regular building lots never getting inside the building
  • Decreased resolution of unnecessary large character textures
  • Removed Spasm radio ad (due to offensive content)
  • Added missing localization ID for Paradox account linking

Update: The patch is now live on the Microsoft Store & Game Pass as well.
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Nice, but I beg of you to add an option to disable the "talk show" or "news" section of the radio as they are extremely repetetive and annoying
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Add an option to disable the Chipper notification being displayed every moment, causing the game to often freeze for a short time.

Furthermore, even though city taxes are increasing, it is sometimes impossible to get money, while people who live in the city continue to request more services and expansion of the city.
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Glad I at least got to hearing the Spasm ad. But then now I'll only hear Waffords, since the ads or announcements seem broken (I think this was confirmed).
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I can second the garbage and exports bugs needing attention asap :) But GREAT WORK DEV TEAM! EEE can't wait to get back in, I just got out and poof, an update was waiting lol XD .
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Nice, but I beg of you to add an option to disable the "talk show" or "news" section of the radio as they are extremely repetetive and annoying
Thank you for the feedback. If you don't mind the music being different, you can switch to one of the commercial radio stations. They do not have public service announcements but instead have ads (which can be disabled).

Does this hot fix also fix the bug of the incinerators producing garbage?
No, unfortunately not, but we're aware of the issue and are currently investigating it. We'll let you know when we have an update on the situation.

We're working our way through all your reports and investigating several issues. We just wanted to get you these fixes and improvements as soon as possible with more to come.
People got offended by the Spasm Electronics ad? *facepalm* Tho...the ad was annoying tbh so I'm glad it's gone.

Will the XBOX folks have to wait a week again to get this update? I personally don't care anymore because I moved to steam but you should probably warn people how long they will have to wait. A week without any info with previous update is not acceptable.
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