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Jan 19, 2016
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It's time for another update, this time the team has focused more on bug fixes, we'va also made some features more visible for some players.

New Content:

New main menu banner
Improved New badge for DLC menu

Bug Fixes:

FIXED - Sometimes the game would crash after attempting to Login to a Paradox Account following the log in/register popup
FIXED - Receiving a request time out error while viewing an expanded store image would cause a crash
FIXED - Robe ability names could persist between sessions
FIXED - Local players were occasionally dropped from a game when multiple players died
FIXED - Local players could occasionally not be revived
FIXED - Friendship is Magicka achievement would not unlock correctly
FIXED - Store featured page occasionally displayed incorrect prices
FIXED - When attempting to buy DLC in game with the steam overlay disabled the error popup would not display
FIXED - Held items were lost upon reloading a save
FIXED - Gamepad controls were disabled when hosting a multiple game
FIXED - The chapter select menu frequently did not respond to input
FIXED - The controller navigation of the DLC menu was unintuitive

Improved memory management