Patch 1.5 Cornflakes Live - Checksum 9515 (Not for problem reports)

Patch 1.5 Cornflakes Live - Checksum 9515 (Not for problem reports)

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Jul 21, 2014
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I got banned from the forum bc i was supporting a beta patch for WtT due to bigger crowd playing is always better than bunch of QAs regardless of their quality.

Truth always Wins.

Truth aside, i didnt check it but is it possible to exploit general's red phone useage by say using forced attack with 1 division and adding 23 more divisions on him right after it? Bc it seemed it doesnt matter how many divisions are selected but the division numbers under the general. If not, its still a problem because if you use 40 width * 24 divisions, you cant use force attack bc the required mana is over the cap and its so annoying to Micromanage.

General spam is so frustrating for big Nations the UI is is just unbearable, reduce the size of the pictures or adopt the OOB UI from hoi3 that was more suited towards this depthness

Or perhaps USSR should get -%80 forced defense cost from order 227 ( i know it belongs to suggestion tag but im lazy)

Other than these and some other problems others have listed, a good DLC. 8.5/10


Oct 13, 2017
good job guys o/
and are we going have some changes in Iran? like new focus tree , Iran and Germany were close in ww2 and SOV and UK take over Iran in the end of ww2 ...