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Captain Gars

Lead AI Programmer
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Oct 4, 2010
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================================================== ==================
= Changes to 1.3 to 1.4
================================================== ==================

* New Features
- Added decision that can be used to add a random courtier to your court

* AI
- Fixed AI moving and stopping
- AI will no longer spam offer job title
- A character will lose his job if he becomes a hostage

* Gamebalance
- Tweaked siege surrender
- Increased rebellion size
- Fixed stats for random characters at game start
- Kori (province) under siege gets a 50% tax penalty

* Interface Improvements
- Promised daimyo title is now visible from the grant screen (under province view)
- Grant title selection view will display the titles the character currently holds
- Added active building construction to province tooltip
- Children without a mother will be adopted by their father's first wife

************************************************** ********
* UserModding
************************************************** ********
- Possible to script how many courtier that should be generated with the generate courtier decision
- Added set_province_owner = provinceID effect
- remove_title effect works on landed titles
- Added so that you can set the random seed when executing an event from the console, "event <event id> <random seed>"
- Added create_clan effect
- Possible to use is_clan_leader = no
- Enabled war effect

* Bugfixes
- Fixed If you use 'return to court' on master before he has completed an improvement, it makes it impossible to build religious buildings or manufactories.
- Fixed merge problem that could cause siege control lost
- Fixed characters named "Adam" and "Eve"
- Fixed CTD:s
- Fixed some issues with only one wife being moved between courts
- Fixed possible OOS
- Fixed issue with that the garrison could increase during a siege
- Fixed problem with dead hostage
- Fixed incorrect vassal relationship in game lobby at 1551 game start
- Fixed some issues with grant title and only holding one kori
- Fixed Leader of Miyoshi in 1551, has a male spouse
- Children leader can lead their retinue if they have a regent
- Fixed regent bonus issue
- Localization fixes
- Fixed issue with siege view closing on the first select
- Fixed a bug that caused wife bonuses to be calculated incorrect
- Fixed dead character arriving to court
- Fixed broken tooltip for AI decline reason being to old
- Fixed vassal relationship bug when creating a new clan
- Dynastic view will no longer show dead characters as vassals or courtiers
- Fixed any_demense_title tooltip

Please note that version 1.04 is the same as 1.4.

Patch is available in the Tech Support subforum.
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