Patch 1.11 - Dynamic Random Nations teaser

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The EU4 team is currently hard at work on the 1.11 bug fixing patch which we expect to release soon(tm).

In addition to bug fixes, we'll also be sprucing up the Nation Designer with some requested features such as the ability to add custom nations from a save (host can turn this off in MP) and the ability to write names and descriptions for your custom ideas.

We've also added a new option called 'Dynamic Random Nations'. By enabling this, the random nations mode will no longer use the historical nations such as France, Ming and so on, but rather will generate an entirely dynamic alt-history with nations named after their capitals. These nations will have randomly generated flags, ruler names and dynasties based off their culture, and will use a randomly generated set of custom ideas. This mode is meant for those who thought the normal random nations mode was just a bit too silly and want a slightly more serious (but still completely random) world. The original random nations mode with 'Historical' random nations is of course still available.

Enjoy this teaser shot of the Dynamic Random Nations mode and stay tuned for more news about the release of patch 1.11!



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Custom nations not getting discoveries is fixed in 1.11.
For a full list of everything that was fixed you'll have to wait until 1.11 patchnotes are posted. The feature additions to ND are:

- Added option to add Custom Nations after loading Save Game.
- Added button for randomizing National Ideas.
- You can now change names and descriptions of your Custom National Ideas.
- Added economic map mode to lobby, useful primarily for Custom Nations.
With all this focus going on the Custom Nations will the next DLC introduce interplanetary travel and laser guns ? :glare:

No, of course not.

Laser guns are entirely impractical, EU4 space ships will use mass drivers.
Will religion be randomized partially too, or will these random nations stick to the default religion of the capital?

Would like to see a bit of randomisation of religions, not to mess up the areas too much but to introduce a few of the minor religions more, like Norse and Jewish.