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Attached to this post are two playlist files for CK2. They contain the song lists of respective earlier P'dox games as ogg files (can't bundle the music with this for obvious legal reasons). Just dump your converted CK1 and/or EU3 soundtracks and the respective text file(s) into CK2's music folder (keep the filenames when converting to ogg!).
Sorry, I couldn't get mod-foldering to work with music for unknown reasons.

Please note that I've commented diesiraeintro.ogg out in the EU3 songlist, since it's just a couple of seconds and fading out, it's rather distracting as a part of the musical background of CK2. You may also want to comment out chooseyourpath.ogg and maybe also emperoroftheselands.ogg, since they are rather Asia-themed.
Of course, you can comment out whatever you wish. This is just for everyone's convenience. ;)

Oh yeah, sorry for not providing a EU2 songlist, unfortunately I don't have that game. But if you're feeling generous, you can gift me that one on GGate of course. The name's Zalmoxis. :p
Although, a simple list of the filenames should suffice, too. ;)


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Feb 27, 2012
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This is great, thanks!

One note: I believe the "toconstantinople" track's filename should actually be written as "war_toconstantinople.ogg" instead of just "toconstantinople.ogg". The game was crashing on me when loading that song, so I double-checked and noticed the discrepancy in the text file.

Easily fixed by changing the last entry to be:

song = {
name = "war_toconstantinople.ogg"

chance = {
modifier = {
factor = 1
Edit: I forgot to say that this applies to the EU3 songlist (Pdox_Soundtrack_EU3.txt).
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