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Dec 4, 2001
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  • Hearts of Iron II: Beta
Too many nations went inactive, leaving those left with no interaction, the gaps spanning hte entire continent.

With that lethargy set in with the remaining players, and that made the mods inactive.. in the ned ppl started resigning or just go away..



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Dec 14, 2003
Everything happens for a reason.

Bz went on vacation, BB did controversial things in his absence, thus Bz promised never to leave BB in control. Bz leaves, BB takes over, anarchy commences. Elections happen, Katz nominates the softspoken and nonconfrontational Ladislav who easily wins after cccino and f2 torpedo eachother's campaigns.

Ladislav takes over, kills the Timurids, removes the east from the map, and the game continues to die. Game is restarted with a new map and new rules, almost all of which were designed by c3.

In the end, all I can say is that we get what we paid for. Ladislav's style of leadership was hands-off. Some called him a "puppet" of NK, which was rather insulting, whether you agree or not. All that is factual is that he had few original ideas to offer but did his job in that he prolonged the life of the game, albeit for a few short months.

I think we could survive, and I'd be happy to lead. My inactivity has been due to seeing the game dying and futility in bothering to check the forums only to be depressed, and it seems like many of you agreed.

Ladislav is a good guy. Whether he was the best head mod is another story. N. Katsyev is a good guy. Whether or not his transfer of activity from RP to highly frequent and somewhat controversial events was a positive transition is another story.

1420/EU:M has survived several incarnations. If we die now, then that's fine. I'll look back on memories, and I won't join 1558. I'm sure Paradox won't mind one less off-topic RPG forum ;)

But I'd like to see it continue, whether in its current form or another. It's apparent that more hands-on leadership would be needed, and where it would come from is for people other than myself to decide.

Last time we faced a crossroad like this, I called for an aggressive change. I nominated F2 to lead, and I was overruled by the masses. We had change, but in a different direction. We had a restart, a new map, a new system, and new mods. The "katztastics" had a natural progression, they stopped being the life of the party with their roleplaying and began moderating. In our greatest hour they were both loved and hated as the most active storytellers, and toward the end they had taken control.

In the end, I'd have to say that we all contributed in our own ways, but when Fireblade doesn't care enough to continue playing and resigns on his own, you know it's time.

If this is the end, I enjoyed the game, and I enjoyed playing with you fine folks. If it's not, I hope whoever steps up this time *cough* is able to lead, where (no offense is intended in this harsh remark) Ladislav followed, and in the end he failed.

We used to have a lot of activity. We needed like 7 people on the mod staff. I'd apply for positions and be turned down regularly, as someone better would get the job. Toward the end, I was probably the only person who cared enough to ask for the nat stats position, and none of the other vacant positions would be filled. Activity is life, and we are now comatose.

Does the plug get pulled? Do we linger on or get a mercy killing? I'll sit by and let fate decide.


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Apr 17, 2001
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Thanks Prætor. a concise summary, if ever I've seen one ;) I'm not sure I agree with your views on Ladislav, being that the damand was for change and a democracy, and no further autocracy, but that's a small point. I do remember much of went on bro :) It's the last bit I wasn't sure of. I also remember an influx of "trouble makers".... All of this contributed IMHO.

Personaly I don't think it's Ladislav that has failed us... It's us that's failed him.

What does the "Rolecall" stand at ? and more importantly... who are they?

I see.... Ladislav, Prætor, Valdemar, Green_alien, Flame of Udûn, BzAli, Blade!, von Streusser, Voshkod, Eldin, and a nooob ? all on this review page as I type. That is a goodly few... could I add 3C, Katz etc?

All the signs of good potential. I agree that there may be too many games running on this board, and due to this the older, more "dog eared" versian will always have it's work cut out trying to stay popular, but it only takes a few to commit regularly and lead by example to get things tuned up right. Perhaps the current formula and the demand for democracy is the cause ? 25 years playing RPG's (20 as GM, in some) suggests this might be part of it.

Soooo.... who would be active if we were'nt in this hernia of inactivity ?