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Deadly New Expansion to Launch on August 25 with New Patch

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer whose games have serious reaper-cussions, today announced the release date for The Reaper’s Due, the upcoming expansion for the medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings II. Featuring new disease and medicine mechanics and a whole host of deadly new challenges for players’ in-game nobles, The Reaper’s Due will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on August 25, 2016.

This expansion will return the Black Death to its rightful place in the center of medieval history, and add new systems that reward sound realm management and planning.

But, as with all expansions from Paradox, The Reaper’s Due will launch with a new content patch for Crusader Kings II, updating the game for all players, whether they purchase The Reaper’s Due or not.

Among the changes coming in the new patch will be:
  • New custom rules options at start up for epidemics, invasions, legal changes and so on, so you get the Middle Ages that you want.

  • New options to auto-save the game at different time intervals

  • A new interface for better understanding the death and succession of rulers

  • Adjustments to how alliances work, including AI attitudes to disloyal allies

  • Major improvements to game optimization

  • “Continue” button on game launcher to get you to your map even faster

  • New mod triggers to account for The Reaper’s Due content

  • Tons and tons of balance and gameplay tweaks, plus new events
The new patch will also be available with the release of The Reaper’s Due on August 25, 2016.

For more information about Crusader Kings II, visit http://www.crusaderkings.com/
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Great news and nice changes! Is it going to have a content pack as well? Sorry, can't remember if you've already answered that question.
Thank you for the great work! Can't wait!
New custom rules options at start up for epidemics, invasions, legal changes and so on, so you get the Middle Ages that you want.
So, is there an option to force Absolute Cognatic for everyone (gender inequality must not exist, even in historical settings) and remove concubinage (because it promotes rape culture and denigrates women).

I feel that only this way we can truly realize our dream of a Social Justice -friendly CK2.

P.S. These were all jokes in case you didn't get it. They are based on actual threads by actual forumites, but I will not link to them as I don't want to spread their madness.
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So can we say... crank epidemics way up and have a medieval world where living long enough to die of natural causes is unusual? Or turn it way down so that the worst epidemics you get are that your cat has more kittens than you were expecting? I guess I'm just asking what sort of range we'll have with those adjustable options.
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Is the autosave intervals option available for Ironman games too? It's the one thing keeping me from enjoying the game after a few hundred years. Even with an SSD it takes way too long to save every time, but I think less frequent saves would make it bearable.
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Great! :)
• New mod triggers to account for The Reaper’s Due content
Is this more than a "has_dlc" condition? Or did I misunderstand something? Hopefully there will be a dev diary on modding additions.
I am excited for this expansion
just a bit sad that it comes out the first day of classes for me though
Eh well gives me something to look forward too on that day
although will have to wait for HIP To update to be compatible with the expansion anyway.
First page? And awesome!
Definitely looking forward to this one. Will probably buy on release if it's $10 or less.
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