Paradox Announces Digital Anniversary Edition of SciFi Epic

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Happy Birthday to Stellaris – But the Gift is for You

Paradox Announces Digital Anniversary Edition of SciFi Epic

STOCKHOLM – May 9, 2017 -
Your species has mastered the seemingly impossible. Faster than light travel means a new era for your civilization. Brave pioneers set forth from our ancient homeworld into the unknown, while scientists unlock more and more of the vast mysteries of the cosmos.. But you are neither the first, nor the only, species to climb to the heavens. You must test your military and diplomatic prowess against rival galactic empires.

It’s hard to believe that Stellaris is already a year old. Paradox Development Studio’s science fiction empire builder arrived in 2016 to widespread critical acclaim and found an eager audience ready to transcend the bonds of their home planet and forge a bright (or dystopian) future. To celebrate this anniversary, and as a gesture of thanks to the inhabitants of Earth, Paradox is offering a Stellaris bundle with its expansions for USD 69.99.


The Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition includes:
  • Stellaris: The critically acclaimed space empire game, full of stories and encounters that take on new dimensions every time you play.
  • Utopia: The first full expansion for Stellaris, adding megastructures and new options for the ultimate advancement of your species.
  • Plantoids Species Pack: A species pack that includes a dozen portraits for plant based sentient life-forms.
  • Leviathans Story Pack: A story pack that includes monstrous new creatures and encounters
Paradox is also giving away the pre-order pack Creatures of the Void and a new Anniversary Species Portrait Pack to all Stellaris owners as a thank you for their support over the last year. Over the week of the anniversary, Paradox will also be offering discounts on the purchase of the base game and the first two major pieces of DLC.
Paradox Development Studio is very happy that so many of you have chosen to take this interstellar journey with us. Over the coming years you can expect exciting new realms of possibility and adventures among the endless stars in Stellaris.

The Stellaris Anniversary Edition and Species Portrait Pack are both available on Steam, starting today.
Time has gone past quickly.
Looking forward to playing as materialistic Peacock slavers. Or maybe robotic peacocks. Or maybe Hive Mind peacocks. Or maybe fanatical purifying peacocks. Or maybe...
I'm fully aware that this is a barely concealed attempt of bribing us with pretty pictures to forget about the controversy regarding 1.5, Hiveminds and... uhm.. the other stuff I forgot.

Still appreciating the nice gesture though. Now I got a good potrait for my Spiritual Purifier run :3
Anniversary portraits is in my library but won't install. Not appearing in the launcher which opens after trying to download the dlc from the store page.
My favourite Paradox game so far, and I say this as somebody who got around 2000 hours of EU3, EU4, Victoria II and CK2 combined. Stellaris was a pleasant surprise, I honesty don't know how you got so many things right from the start considering how different it is compared to other Paradox titles, especially when it comes to graphics (I can still not believe that Stellaris is in made in the Clausewitz engine). It does have long list of issues that needs to be sorted out, but I'm happy that there is a game that can fill the space 4X void we've been suffering from for so long, and the recent updates prove that you are on the right way.
I'm a little annoyed that the bonuses that I had to preorder to get are being handed out for free like a bribe.

It makes me feel even more like the ridiculously large number of images under my username are like those badges that dictators give themselves.
I'm a little annoyed that the bonuses that I had to preorder to get are being handed out for free like a bribe.

It makes me feel even more like the ridiculously large number of images under my username are like those badges that dictators give themselves.

I got told quite brutally to "shut up and stop being elitist" when I mentioned being annoyed about the publicity participation reward being given out to everyone.

I'm interested to see whether the people that were saying that will join in your outrage.
Its sad that the pre-order exclusive portraits are given away for all :(
they were they only reason why i didnt bought the "normal" edition.
tbh i feel a little bit scammed...
I just have to say that the anniversary portraits are amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work Paradox. I would honestly have paid for the portraits, despite the big uproar over the Plantoid Portrait Pack price. Please Paradox, do not let this discourage you. Continue making portraits and I will pay whatever you charge.
How petty do you have to be to complain about others getting something when it in affects you in no way whatsoever. If it makes you feel better, consider you had exclusivity on the portraits for a whole year.
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