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Nov 8, 2009
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Panzer Carnage

The return of Carnage
The Carnage Group is back. We have not actually been away, but circumstances have caused delay on the AAR-front. Rest assure – the politicians have continued to plot, the spies have continued to sneak in the shadows, the soldiers have continued to charge, the fighters have continued to soar and dive, the war ships have continued to blast away, the wolf packs have continued to hunt and the panzers have continued to grind the earth, crush vegetation and buildings alike… and they have continued to cause massive carnage. Panzer Carnage!

Starting Date: September 1938
Version: TFH (Carnage mod v2)
Nbr of players: 8

Players and pacts
Zid as United Kingdom
Thelamon as France
Sir Henry as Poland

Maxyboy as Soviet Union

CptEasy as Germany
Gamlastan as Italy
Von Rosen as Japan
Daphne as Axis +1

I am back on Germany. How very exciting. It is, not surprisingly, one of my favorite nations to play. As I intend to put an extra effort in this AAR I think the choice of a central country is rather fitting. After a few rounds on lesser countries, I am eager to once again command the legions of the Wehrmacht.

For those of you having read my stories for a long time, you know that I will not show you all my plans and strategies right away as that would give too much away to my enemies (who undoubtedly read this AAR as well) but I will give away that information along the way. As always, it is interesting to see who of you who have guessed right on plans and movements – or in some cases – realized things I had not when I wrote it.

So let’s gather together for another feast for the crows, another dance of death… another Carnage.
Aw yes, it has begun again! How far have you played already?
Brilliant! Hopefully this will be a 1945+ nailbiter!
Whew boy... here we go, another rousing round of global mayhem. May the best crazy dictator win!
It's go time!
Subscribed, even though I do not own HOI3. I see forward to this and the sequel though!
Last time you played Germany was glorious, so naturally I'm following!
Long time lurker, first time Carnage poster.

It's going to be so fun.


/me begins singing 'Deutchland Uber Alles'