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Jul 10, 2012
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Been looking forward to this one for a while. At the behest of my Patrons of the options they voted for(feels like I have my own council) we will be heading on down to Africa this game for a little shattered world fun in pagan land. Starting off tribal is always a challenge but I am sure that we can rise above those challenges to create a mighty empire that will make the world tremble. It will also be interesting to see how other people form their own lands. Where the first Kingdoms will shape up and things like that. So by all means watch or even comment and lets all have some fun with it.


Tribal is always an interesting start. If you can just get to Feudal first and get the penalty in pagan territory to go away you can just run rampant over everyone. That said early growth usually easy its just holding it all.

Getting just a little bit bigger and a little bit badder. I just need a large enough army to raid everyone around me to get that cash flow going.

Time to start the eastwards push for land and for the religion.

Just keep pushing east! We will have a snake sure but it will eventually become a not-snake after we reform and go feudal.

The eastern push continues. Pagan tribal expansion is pretty easy all things considered. This just means the reformation will be all the swifter.

Mmm. Subjugation CB is a solid one. Makes things just that little bit faster. All the faster really as we make our eastern push complete. Now to look west and north.

Peace means raids means prisoners means money!

All the lands necessary! Now we can reform the faith! Ooooh this is very very exciting! Then only getting Feudalism going will be left to do before we eat the world.

And the religion is reformed! Are these what you expected me to take? What would you have taken? Share below I am curious what you think.

I need to get to the coast where all the sweetest raiding lands are. I hunger for raiding land. Mostly their money though.

I think I should go up to a higher speed soon. Normally I like the speed 3 in a LP, as it gives me plenty of time to respond and talk. However marching takes so long to get around for the raiding I need to do. Decisions decisions.

This game would be so terrible if I didn't have raiding. So important when you are tribal to not just be poor constantly.

Been wearing the mask for a while now. What do you think? See if I can remove it for the portrait or not?

Alright making our way now towards the lovely and well developed coastlines of the Med. Should have some good raiding there.

Do you think the dialogue is different if you actually have one hand? Hmm...this is quite the deadly grandmother.

Time to start pushing more properly towards the Empire don't you think? Nothing bad about Imperial ambitions right?

There we go! A glorious and noble Empire rising in the jungles of Africa which will soon ride out to take all the rich lands around it.

The one and only Empress of the world is best Empress.

Aww it is time for the Child Empress to rule us. Hopefully this won't be filled with rebellion like so often happens in these games.