Pacifists should be able to use the Mercantile diplomatic stance

Tannhäuser Cake

First Lieutenant
Nov 22, 2020
In Stellaris, pacifism is oriented towards economic prosperity. The ethic strongly boosts stability, which in turn boosts resource production and trade value (+30% at 100 stability). The faction of the pacifist ethic is the prosperity faction, which incidentally also favours the Mercantile diplomatic stance. In fact, barring an endless supply of minor artifacts, it is impossible to reach 80% faction approval without it (making the +10% happiness bonus unattainable).

Sure, one can argue that the Cooperative diplomatic stance works for pacifists. It does. However, pacifism is not the same as friendliness. It is perfectly possible for a pacifist to have selfish goals and tactics and exercise raw, self-serving realpolitik tactics in their diplomacy with other empires. The Cooperative diplomatic stance aligns more with xenophile sensibilities. Also, this suggestion is only about giving pacifists one more option; the Cooperative diplomatic stance would still remain as an option for those who prefer it.

The description of the Mercantile diplomatic stance reads "This empire desires the facilitation of trade above all else". Considering
  1. the focus of the pacifist ethic and the prosperity faction on economy, trade and prosperity, and
  2. the fact that Mercantile is the only diplomatic stance favoured by the pacifist faction, and
  3. the fact that pacifists have fewer paths to strength besides economic power,
allowing pacifists to use the Mercantile diplomatic stance would make sense and enrichen pacifist gameplay.