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Jun 30, 2004
Under 1.06, while playing Japan, Everytime I attack into China, after the first day, my units get a -20 out of supply penalty. I am shipping plenty of supplies to the coast so they should be supplied. When my units are under attack, it says they are supplied. The same thing happens to the U.S. troops when attacking in France. They move to England first and then attack from there so as not to get a huge logistics distance penalty. After taking the first province, when attacking into another, I get the -20 out of supply penatly which I shouldnt since I am sending a ton of supplies to the provinces held in France. What is the deal? That -20 penalty is huge....Is there a way around it? Is it going to be fixed? The game is unplayable for several major nations as it is.
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Mar 20, 2002
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Just a long shot, but did anyone notice if ALL units (in China) get the -20% supply penalty?

What I wonder is if the units that start in Machuko do not get a penalty (because they draw supply from Koshu) while everything you send in from abroad get the supply penalty because they still draw supply from their original location for attackpurposes(which they are cut of from - no land connection).

The general in/out of supply status is clearly unrelated to the same thing during battle, illustrated by the fact that you can still reinforce units that was out of supply the second before.

The fact that reinforcing draws supply from your national pool - not from Koshu even if your unit is in China - strengthens my suspicion that the transported units are in relation to attacks still drawing supplies from mainland Japan (or wherever they were stationed before you sailed them to Korea/China). If that is correct, it's definately a bug.

I'm playing a japanese game now to test these problems and what I'm going to try is to split or SR those units in China to see if that 'resets' the units supply location and thus makes it draw supply from the right source. This is what works wrt. logistics distance so perhaps it does in this case too?

Btw.: in any case I don't think Fiendix' workaround is an exploit. Those units in China will just be drawing supplies from Japan instead of from Koshu. Nothing wrong in that (well, it saves you 1 convoy, but what the H?).

EDIT: nope. As I said: long shot. It makes no difference. Fiendix method is still the only workable.

So much for my theory :eek:o
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May 4, 2004
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Sorry to be reviving an old thread, but surely a key difference in D-Day landings is that the conquered provinces revert to French ownership once taken, so supply _is_ being drawn via land from a friendly owned (french) province. It might be different if you did a D-Day directly into Germany proper.