Operate between 2 hubs departing from one or the other

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Jul 26, 2022

Would it be possible to offer again the possibility to schedule flights between hubs that could depart interchangeably from one or the other hub?

If I opened hubs at both and want to schedule flights between the two, I can only schedule a flight going in 1 direction departing from the hub from which the route was opened. For instance, if I opened a route between my BSL and PMI hubs, and originally 'bought' the route as BSL-PMI, I can only schedule flights departing from BSL, not from PMI. It is impossible to schedule a flight on this same route with an aircraft based in PMI. Also impossible to alternatively 'open' the route a 2nd time (buying PMI-BSL route in addition to BSL-PMI that was already opened).

See the flight departing at 20.30 on the below illustration with an aircraft based in VIE, operating a VIE-ZRH sector; it is marked as ZRH-VIE as the route was opened from the ZRH hub originally.

This functionality was proposed in the past and was very convenient...

I hope clear. Thanks

 2022-07-26 _ 23.24.05.png