Open Beta Patch 1.13.5 (Steam Only) - Checksum ff74

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Oct 14, 2022

Open Beta patch 1.13.5 is now available. This is a major balance pass and bug fix patch for AAT nations, as well as general AI decision improvements and niche CTD instances.

Read the full patch notes under the spoiler tag bellow:

# Balance

- MIOs assigned to research can now be changed in the middle of research.
- Added manpower bonus for RK Nordland focus.
- All MIOs that have participated in a research now get a proportional amount of funds when the research is complete.
- Sweden: Alva and Gunnar Myrdal is now available for all ideologies when completing Stadsbarn.
- Sweden: Hungershield crisis is now active if less than 68% stability (from 65%).
- Sweden: Removing hungershield now gives 120pp as a reward.
- Sweden: Increased Hungershield requirement for removal to 45 (from 40) including trade, or you can remove it by having 25 civilian factories (excluding trade) in your territories, whichever comes first.
- Sweden: Hungershield crisis reduces political power gain by 25% (from -15%).
- Sweden: Värnplikt conscription increased from 0.5% to 1%.
- Sweden: Reduced Gå på Blitz tactics and rapid defense force speed slightly.
- Sweden: Totalförsvar (Total Defense) now requires > 75% DEM support.
- Sweden: The Counter revolution now gives 120pp and neutrality/fascism popularity, depending on what you took before.
- Sweden: Extending the time of preparedness now gives flat 26000 manpower.
- Sweden: Focuses that modify Folkhemmet now Swaps mils/civs bonuses by only 10% (from 16%). War support and stability is still swapped by 16%.
- Sweden: Reduced the bonus speed of Lynx armored cars support companies drastically (no more VolvoVrooms).
- Sweden: Slightly reduced the chance of other Nordics accepting the pressure from Monarchist/Fascist Sweden.
- Sweden: Reduced starting Folkhemmet bonus/malus to +20%/-20% civ/mil speed (from 25%).
- Germany is now slightly happy when Sweden joins the anti soviet pact.
- MIOs: Improved the funds to level up calculation to have a curve and be lower for early levels.
- Sweden: Spheres of influence lasts 2 years instead of 1.5 years.
- Sweden: Increased manpower gained from Nordic volunteers from 2000 per subject to 5000.
- Sweden: Reduced Ebbas law cost factor to 25% (from 33%) and advisor cost to 15% (from 20%).
- Sweden: Swedish volunteer force spirit now reduces required volunteer divisions required by 50% and removes existing neutrality idea.
- Sweden: Deep mining complexes now gives a 1y ahead reduction, reduced from 2y.
- Improved the AI tempĺates for ENG planes to be better.
- Increased base heavy airframe ranges.
- Reduced agility impact of fighter weapons, reduced weight of large airframe armor.
- Norway: Made Monarchist Demonstrations cost Political Power on top of Manpower.
- Norway: Adjusted Victory points so the south has a bigger impact in capitulation.
- Norway: Adjusted the balance for the Monarchist Demonstration decisions.
- Sweden: Getting the 5th late game research slot now requires 50 controlled factories instead of 35 civs.
- Norway: Focus Expand Hæren now unlocks Winter Logistic Battalions so Norwegian troops can now ski their way to victory.
- Sweden: Sweden is now more likely to switch to free trade after 1941-06-01.
- Norway: Increased the cost of Historical Preparation decisions.
- Added Winter Attrition Reduction to New Hæren National Spirit.
- Sweden: Nordic Defence Council puppet now has 0.35% CIC to overlord (from 5%) and 65% MIC to overlord (from 100%).
- Sweden: Reduced requirements for going down the Nordic Defence Council path.
- Sweden: Increased base stability by 4%.
- Sweden: Defense act now gives 3% stability.
- Sweden: Weapons contract now gives 3% War support.
- Sweden: Reduced required mils to complete Standardize equipment from 17 mils to 10 mils.
- Sweden: Fifth research slot now only requires 80 factories (including trade) instead of several late game focuses.
- Sweden: Reduced time for some focuses.
- Sweden: Old enemy stirs requires 8% WS, from 10%.
- Improved agility from jets, jets now cost chromium instead of tungsten, fighter weapons weight balance pass.
- Airframes increase in weight as they get more advanced.
- Slight improvement for germany air fighter presets.
- Norway: Added Army Chief role to Jonas Lie.
- Norway: Added Military high Command role to Henry Diesen.
- Norway: Added Chief of Army and High Command roles to Vidkun Quisling.

# Gameplay

- The new order now has a cosmetic tag.
- Sweden: Added a new late game Swedish formable and King Gustaf can now get the eternal trait.
- Sweden: Added strings notifying what variables affect the outcome of Monarchists/Fascists takeovers of the Nordics.
- Sweden: Now starts with heavy ship hull unlocked at game start.
- Sweden: Added conscription trait to Nordic Defense council.
- Sweden: Christian Gunter is now available at game start again.
- Sweden: Beneath sticks and stones no longer requires having the Ranger trait.
- Sweden: Added the king as a high cost advisor if he is not a country leader.
- Sweden: NDC Can now create faction if needed.
- Luxembourg: Germany will now attack the Soviets if Luxembourg manages to survive until the end of time.
- Norway can now get some of the generic political events after a certain point.

# Stability & Performance

- Added missing on map buildings, including a missing port in Stralsund that would crash the game if built.
- Fixed a rare crash occurring when a player lagging behind the host in MP tries to interact with a dead Air Wing or Air Group.
- Fixed a CTD on macOS related to large maps (multithreaded pathfinder running out of stack space).
- Sped up hourly move order revalidation by using all work threads.

# UI

- Equipment tooltip in the buyer's view of the International Market now also shows which country originally created the equipment (if different from the seller).
- Fix Military equipment production lines with MIO and collapsed making them draggable again.
- Support brigade 3D models now show up in the Division Designer.
- Background of the MIO detail window now changes depending on the MIO type.
- Fixed mission icons for planes being hidden when using filters.
- Equipment stats in legacy designers are now shown the same way as in the new designers.
- Upgrade button in the MIO History tab is now disabled if the latest bonus has already been applied.
- Added more information in the delayed tooltip in the MIO Details screen.

# AI

- Changing UK's armor division target templates to fix bugs and generally improve it.
- Adding info about AI target template replace_with chain to ai_templates debug IMGUI.
- Fixed bugs in how the AI selects best templates to produce and design.
- Soviet will no longer try sending every convoy it has to deliver supplies to Vladivostok.
- Task forces will engage faster and AI will cover slightly more naval regions per task force.
- Added better logic for AI buying and selling convoys (now based on ratio of total owned convoys instead of absolute number).
- Fixed bug where AI was so concentrated on constructing buildings in territory they didn't control that they forgot to build other things. (looking at you, democratic Germany).
- Fixed a bug that caused Germany to research airplane modules when they actually wanted to research radar.
- AI strategy 'research_tech' can now take technology name as argument instead of only technology index (which was bug-prone).

# Modding

- Fixed the auto unassignment of MIOs on production line when over task capacity.
- The game will now warn you on startup if you forget to setup a port building in the nudger for a coastal province.
- Added optional 'mark_older_equipment_obsolete' argument to add_equipment_variant effect.
- Added optional 'is_chassis' argument to equipment definitions to let modders define fully designed equipment without the game thinking it's a chassis.
- Added debug IMGUI for seeing music player information.
- Added file to ai_templates folder.

# Bugfix

- Fixed description of the focus Keepers of the North to emphasize the "Nordic" aspect of it.
- Fixed the typos in tooltips related to International Market content.
- Added an event to proclaim Greater Denmark as well as events for Denmark to join democratic or imperial Germany.
- Sweden is no longer known as Sweden when doing RK Nordland and The New Order.
- Fix a bug where resources from overseas colonies do not need convoys to be transported.
- Fixed Steal Industrial Blueprints operations that were giving twice the tech bonuses.
- Fixed missing land policies for some tank MIO's.
- Fixed issue that made Polish Foreign MIOs disappear after completing the focus Adaptive Designs.
- Fix of bug where exiled templates and units were not transferred to host after the exile government ceased to exist.
- Implemented Norwegian tank and plane icons into the tank and plane designers.
- Fixed Rikstanken icon when creating the equipment variant.
- Added a version of the Danish 'Declaration of Neutrality' National Spirit for when 'By Blood Alone' is not activated. Also fixed the focus 'Securing Swedish Steel' so that Denmark doesn't puppet Sweden without sending the appropriate event.
- Fix crash on Mac & Linux when adding Traits to MIO queue.
- Fixed a tooltip showing the wrong number for overlord drift in all languages.
- Showing obsolete branches will no longer overlap each other and the appropriate focuses are no longer available if you are a subject.
- Fixed several issues with description texts for events and focuses for Denmark.
- Added a decision to request the return of Greenland from the USA, as well as tweaked the decision to request the return of the Faroes from the UK.
- Sweden: Made Rickard Sandler remove neutrality spirit, and simplified his requirements.
- Sweden: Swedish volunteer corps no longer gives equipment to Finland if at war with Finland.
- Sweden: Fixed an issue where Germany would not blow up Swedish factories if Sweden picked Allow Landsverk to operate independently, also added a less confusing string.
- Fixed a rare crash when an army group is deleted due to losing the last units in its armies.
- Fix Divisions reinforcement, now they will be reinforced with equipment with better MIO bonuses.
- Finland: Join Comintern Focus name is now more dynamic.
- Fix for the magic school bus counting days badly.
- Finland: Join Allies Focus name is now more dynamic.
- Finland: Join Axis Focus name is now more dynamic.
- Fix of exploit where players in coop could get back more equipment from the market stockpile than stored there.
- Finland: Minor tooltip improvements for Foreign Armor and Foreign Aircraft focuses.
- Finland: The tooltip of the focus Approach the Soviets will no longer mention the Finnish civil war if it has already happened.
- Finland: Finnish AI will no longer accept the Soviet territorial demands in the Soviet Ultimatum when historical focus is on, unless they are a Soviet ally or puppet.
- Norway: Fixed issue where Historical Quisling would start reviving Norgesveldet.
- Added several new state and province names if Denmark (or another "viking" nation") controls certain states.
- Baltics: Estonian and Latvian AIs should no longer cave in to the Soviets on historical setting, ensuring now that they will be totally integrated by the Soviet AI on historical.
- Fixed the bug where showing subsidy tooltip could cause an out of sync.
- Fixed bug where the mechanized infantry battalion wasn't unlocked after researching the technology.
- Finland: Focus Mineral Wealth Development will no longer require Finland to be in a faction, but to control (or have a puppet controlling) any Nordic state producing steel, chromium, tungsten or aluminum.
- Finland: Fixed scope issues in the event chain triggered by Mineral Wealth Development, where it looked like Finland would receive Finnish aid and that Finland would grant resource rights to Finland on a state in exchange. Now the appropriate faction leader should be displayed in the events, and the events would only be triggered if Finland is in a faction but is not the faction leader.
- MIO: Soviet naval MIOs will no longer have both Man the Guns and NO-Man-the-Guns versions of Plant 370 and Mariupol Plant traits when Man the Guns is not active.
- Finland: Fix typo in tooltip in the focus A Cry for Help.
- MIO: Soviet MIO traits can no longer be taken more than once by different MIOs. Each trait can now be completed once by a single MIO.
- Heavy gantry crane policy now targets the correct aircraft and MIOs.
- Norway: Norsk Hydro now has the Industry filter tag.
- Norway: Removed Political Filter tag from 'Expand Military Industry'.
- Balanced the AI weights for countries to accept a Danish event to join factions.
- Fixed crash when canceling a production line while MIO Roster screen is opened.
- Jan Mayen rises to its rightful place on the world stage!
- Norway: Custom decision costs now have the icons in the right position.
- Sweden: Fixed several issues with the Narvik solution.
- Sweden: Fixed an issue where severe lack of ammunition would not give the proper maluses.
- Sweden: Swedish volunteer corps can no longer be taken while at war with Finland.
- Sweden: Scania Vabis Armored Car MIO is now LaR DLC locked.
- Greece: Stratagems no longer show for all countries.
- Norway: Fixed various missing capitalizations in focuses.
- Norway: Power to the Royal Guard now gives proper bonuses to Special Forces.
- Norway: Doctrine tooltips now provide the name for Offensive Doctrines national focus bonuses.
- Norway: Doctrine tooltips now provide name for Rikstaken national focus bonuses.
- If Denmark becomes a puppet through their National Spirit "Declaration of Neutrality" they will not be able to join a faction until the right criteria are met..
- Installing a plenipotentiary in puppet Denmark will no longer switch out the overlord's country leader.
- Tweaked AI weights for some Occupation Balance of Power Decisions for Denmark.
- Sweden: Added localization improvements for Rationing decisions and fixed a bug where Gengas would repeat its timeout mission.
- Sweden: Fixed several lowercase errors that should have been uppercase.
- Denmark no longer switches ideologies before installing overlord's plenipotentiary.
- Adjusted some incorrect Special Forces Cap modifiers in Norway, Switzerland and the Joint Focus Tree.
- Norway: Fixed issue where Quisling coup branch wouldn't hide when going monarchist.
- Norway: Fixed issue where Trotsky would go to the Democratic side when the Communist civil war starts.
- Production Output bonus now works correctly.
- Fixed a bug where Preemptive Invasion of Iran focus of Soviet Union caused Finland to be attacked by Allies.
- Sweden: Fixed the wrong icon being used for Swedish Trucks in the production line.
- Sweden: Liquidate the Monarchy will now liquidate the Monarchy by removing the king advisor as it is supposed to.
- Sweden: Random AI now disallows achievement #SwedishBiasCorrected.
- Sweden: Joining the Anti Soviet pact targets all Soviets countries they have the big Soviet Kerfuffle.
- Sweden: Fixed some spirit issues with the 39 start bookmark.
- Norway: Added a way to remove Christian Laake as the Norwegian Fascists.
- Changed music player shuffle algorithm to weighted random (but avoiding recently played songs).
- Denmark: Field Marshal William Wain Prior's name is now visible.
- Denmark: Tweaked AI weights to make the AI more likely to do certain occupation decisions and event options.
- Forming either the North Sea or the Baltic Sea Empires now only requires that you control the Mainland of Denmark and only gives you cores on Mainland Denmark.
- Added a custom truck production icon for Denmark.
- Added "Will lead to war" warnings several Danish focuses.
- Fixed tooltip saying player could naval transfer to shoreline province without naval base.
- Fixed use-after-free that could lead to CTD on end of peace conference.
- Fixed CTD on resync when international market is open.
- Fixed stat issue with tank designer comparison.
- Fixed repair tooltips estimated time of completion.
- Allow factory conversion map icon during construction view.
- Norway: Trotsky finally goes to the correct side of the Communist civil War.
- Fixed production penalty modifier signedness. Can't be penalized from modifier without having penalty.
- Add mutually exclusive icons only if the trait is visible.
- Fixed CTD on steam callback during session change.
- Fixed issue with disabling music track enable button.
- Norway: Alt Democratic preparations decisions now take time to complete as intended.
- MIO: Fixed the research category of the Submarine MIO so that it can be assigned to research of Submarine tech and related modules only.
- Sweden: NDC no longer transfers its puppets’ armies to Sweden but creates 5 elite divisions for every NDC member joined, to avoid teleporting armies.
- Sweden: Made it easier to invite members to the Scandinavian defense union.
- Sweden: Fixed a bug where subjects would get the generic focus tree if puppeted.
- Norway: Fixed issue where Fascist Branch would disappear if focus 'Arrest Quisling' was bypassed.
- Fixed the American handover of Greenland back to Denmark and the disappearing Greenland Patrol National Spirit.
- The Occupation Law National Spirit for Denmark will be removed when Denmark no longer is a subject no matter the circumstances.
- The Butter Front National Spirit will no longer disappear if the overlord controls mainland Denmark.
- Made the Telegram Crisis Event more likely to happen.
- Norway: Country-wide preparation decisions in preparation decisions for the Alt-democratic path will still be available during war, as long as there's Country Preparedness.
- Norway: Made it less likely the Soviet Union will reject events sent from the Stalinist branch of the Focus Tree.
- Fix of bug where applying effect set_garrison_strength on state without resistance caused CTD.
- Fixed bug which led to players unlock mutually exclusive doctrines.
- Finland: If Arms Against Tyranny dlc is active, when Estonia causes the fascist civil war in Finland, the fascist side will get the Finnish focus tree if they win the civil war.
- Denmark will now be able to join factions, drop their occupation name, and get their original Balance of Power through peace conferences if being released as independent during the right circumstances.
- World tension modifiers for subjects now apply in both directions.
- Sweden: Fixed an issue where wargoal against the Baltics would expire.
- Denmark's Focus Tree will now show all branches, including the Occupation Branch, if the setting to show obsolete branches are enabled and Denmark is a puppet.
- Grumman smooth finish trait now affects CV light aircraft and naval bombers.
- Finland: Keepers of the North focus will now include Karelia if it exists, and states transferred to Finland via event will also get the compliance bonus promised in the focus.
- Norway - Fixed issue where Quisling has a generic portrait without Arms Against Tyranny DLC.
- Germany - Fixed issue where form Reichskommissariat Norwegen decision would require a Swedish State.
- Fixed issue where 'Operation Gunnerside' would not work with Arms Against Tyranny enabled.
- Denmark white peacing every nation its overlord is at war with when it becomes a puppet won't trigger the "You Shall Not Pass" achievement.
- Norway: Fixed issue in Monarchist Decisions where you should use National Interventions while demonstrating in states if more than one was active and any of them was completed earlier.
- Norway: Fixed missing icon for 'Investing in Norway' National Spirit.
- Nordic Shared Focus Tree: Fixed missing icon for 'Economic Cooperation' National Spirit.
- Sweden: Fixed issue where supporting communist civil war in Norway causes the communist side to have a generic leader.
- Norway: Quisling will no longer trigger his coup if the country is in a civil war already, regardless of origin.
- Removed World Tension limit to Rally the Nation for fascist Denmark.
- Norway: Changed the Nasjonale Regjerings color so it's not so close to Soviet Union's red.
- Norway: Focus 'Reawaken the Permanent Revolution' now creates either the Norintern or the Joint Faction depending on conditions.
- Divisions can no longer get citation by performing paratroop order on own territory.
- Fixed marine commandos so they can retreat from coastal areas. Can click on province with naval port to move troops from a naval port. Marine commandos can now path to fallback lines.

That's all for this week, you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Does Norway still escape being your puppet by taking the "join Comintern" focus? It just happened to me and they didn't even join the Comintern since it didn't exist, they joined the Commonwealth of nations. If it does then I'll just file a bug report, if it was fixed in the patch and I missed it then nevermind.
- Added optional 'mark_older_equipment_obsolete' argument to add_equipment_variant effect.
- Added optional 'is_chassis' argument to equipment definitions to let modders define fully designed equipment without the game thinking it's a chassis.
The WA team would like to worship at the feet of PDX devs ;)
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That is quite the set of changes, especially for Sweden! For existing Swedish saves, will the Folkhemmet be adjusted to what its adjusted values would be as if they the game had started in 1.13.5? E.g. if I've taken one idea to make it less civilian, will it still be the -25 + 16 = -9 that it is now, or will it be re-calculated as -20 + 10 = -10?

(I suppose it isn't that big of a difference in that example, but we love our civilian factory and infrastructure bonuses, but are becoming slightly concerned about the war between the Soviets/Finns and Germans/Portuguese that is happening across the Baltic)

Probably worth opting in regardless of Folkhemmet calculations given the Värnplikt bonuses. That is worth buying the coffee at fika!
That is quite the set of changes, especially for Sweden! For existing Swedish saves, will the Folkhemmet be adjusted to what its adjusted values would be as if they the game had started in 1.13.5? E.g. if I've taken one idea to make it less civilian, will it still be the -25 + 16 = -9 that it is now, or will it be re-calculated as -20 + 10 = -10?

(I suppose it isn't that big of a difference in that example, but we love our civilian factory and infrastructure bonuses, but are becoming slightly concerned about the war between the Soviets/Finns and Germans/Portuguese that is happening across the Baltic)

Probably worth opting in regardless of Folkhemmet calculations given the Värnplikt bonuses. That is worth buying the coffee at fika!
No I'm 99% sure it won't, either stay on the live version or start a new campaign as Sweden on the beta branch, there's so much balance stuff in this patch
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I want to ask whether the Danish focus that looks for foreign support as German puppet still target nations that are puppet of another nation? Cause in 1.13.4 as Germany I had Denmark asks Reichskommissariat Moskowien that is formerly Soviet Union for support. Of course, when Denmark declares independence war, RkM didn't do anything.
Is the problem with Moscow peace treaty-1940 solved?
Petsamo shouldn't be Soviet after that.
And what with the Italy and Ethiopia?
Post in thread 'Stella Polaris | Patch 1.13.4 Changelog - Checksum 15a3'
It's know issue by devs meaby we will see some upgraded in next patch looks like it was not solve in this one. Always after new dlc needs to wait before start new game due to new bugs
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I have few suggestions and found few bugs.

1) if you make capo supremo focus you can change cosmetic into Repubblica sociale italiana and add small focus tree to Italian East Africa, and add a small focus if you choose new fascist leader, maybe under divino duce branch, to choose to remove king and proclaim repubblica sociale italiana or keep him.

2) Can you add DLC medium tanks 3D models also for modern tanks?

3) Can you let Portugal bypass join axis and remove instable Republic in another way or focus when it is in faction with fascist Italy o Germany? Same thing for Join tripartite pact for Bulgaria since if those countries join Italy faction their focuses are unlocked. And maybe use their research focus with the fascist country leader they have joined faction for example or Italy or Germany.

4) Let Turkey bypass join faction focus specifically if they join a specific country for example bypass Mediterranean faction of Turkey if is already in Italy Faction and Join Axis if is in faction with Germany?

5) There is a bug for historical Portugal AI that doesn’t produce support equipment or get enough manpower so doesn’t follow the Salazar branch historical and goes instead Fascist.

6) if you can fix Falangist spain unit 3D model since when you go Falangist it makes the unit the same as the Carlist ones and after 1945 all Spanish 3D units models become the general ones.

7) On Germany focus there is written on Reichkommissariat focus to still make Reichkommissariat Norwegen.

8) if Norway decide to be a Reichprotectorate of Germany change color like the other Reichkommissariat, and get Red Color if Quisling returns, also protectorate Denmark have the reichkommissariat color and get back its own when be free indipendent from Germany.

9) Add a king of Spain Alfonse XIII idea if fascist Francois Spain decide to restore the monarchy.

10) Add an idea Umberto II when King Vittorio Emanuele III dies.

11) fix Italian Hegemony idea icon, which doesn’t seem written the GFX well and so appears a question mark
Any news on getting your freshly couped Communist friends in Denmark and Norway to join your Scandinavian Defence Union as Communist Sweden? Even with guarantees, max improved opinion and NAP they still will not accept as of 1.13.4
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Hi, playing on this beta on MacOS and Old World Blues / Equestria at War still crash pulling up a "Caught Signal 10" exception, just after a few months of gameplay - example logs attached. Not sure whether this is an error in game engine or in the mod.


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"- Sweden: Reduced Ebbas law cost factor to 25% (from 33%) and advisor cost to 15% (from 20%)."

Why? The "bonus" is already so bad that you don't want to take it. The opportunity cost of having permanent -4% stability and 60pp cost for minor discounts in midgame is never worth it. Even if the discount bonus was doubled, I still don't think you should take activate it.
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I know that Soviet Union was not in the scope of this update, however a lot of its focuses were not balanced to current Consumer Goods and MIO systems.
Here is a list of them:
1. The Collectivisation Process - no changes to Consumer Goods values, should give stronger factor for current logic
2. Reorganize the PC of Heavy Industry - no changes to Consumer Goods, should give stronger factor for current logic
3. Fourth Five Year Plan - no changes to Consumer Goods, should give stronger factor for current logic
4. Superior War Machines - gives reduction cost for tank designer, however with new logic should give funds or MIO size
5. The Means to Wage war - gives reduction cost for materiel designer, however with new logic should give funds or MIO size
6. Expand the Aircraft Industry - gives reduction cost for aircraft designer, however with new logic should give funds or MIO size

@C0RAX sorry for tagging, but looks like SU is the only country with such modifiers to designer reduction cost, hope you can address this issue to game designer to fix this.

P.S. Here are screens from current beta to confirm this.


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For non historical game modes, can you reduce the % of times Latvia chooses the Soviet puppet path? The Thunder Cross Latvia path never seems to be taken by the AI.
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Also on a minor note, the USSR seems to attack Finland one focus too early. They tend to attack around mid October. Pushing it back by one focus would be more Winterish and it would allow the Finnish player/AI to sneak one more focus in to help it defend better.
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