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I would be very surprised if the game couldn't be completed in 3 hours or less.

Now me, I played the game my first run in about 70 hours. I read all of the dialogue, run down the quests, read the descriptions of items, etc. So the length of this game is very much dependent on how willing you are to get into the world.

"Another giveaway is the voice-acting. Its all over the place, as if some actors had recorded their lines in time and others were scheduled to but then the game was in post-production. A number of companions, such as Landry, have voice acting in near double the amount of others, and at crucial story moments where others such as Barik or Verse has written dialogue. This seems...incomplete to say the least, simply because it is so inconsistent and again, it says to me that the game shipped a couple of months too early."

I would add to this that Lantry, eg, will have spoken dialogue one sentence, next option is unspoken, then the next is spoken ... 100% I am certain that they just ran out of time and money.
Took me about 29 hours on PotD. I wasn't too surprised by that, IIRC it was mentioned during development that the game would be shorter but provide more replayability in return. No idea if that pans out in reality.
Actual content of the game is very lacking.There are like 50 battles that are the same,only different battles ware the bosses at act 3 and i finished it in 2 hours.The story could be summarised in a hour of reading.One of the problems for me was the writing.The game is filled with a lot of reading but it is pointless and repetitive.There is no outstanding dialogues or any notable story(I still can remember the hour i talked about the planes with Candrian Illborne in the Smoldering Corpse bar in Planescape Torment),it feels like there is writing for the sake of writing.Like in school you have to write an essay on theme that could be covered in half page but there is a requirement to be twenty pages.
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Decent lenght. Story felt good to me on the first run as Disfavored, not as good on the second run as the rebels. Didn't have any complaints about how quick the game ended - maybe another big battle would have been fitting, but it felt about the right point for the ending. There was lots of good dialogue, but also some that seemed much too hastily written.