One Night Ultimate Werewolf

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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning

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Hunting werewolves.
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Feb 11, 2012
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Alright so, thoughts! I liked this a lot actually. It feels exactly like it should: Like a condensed game of werewolf, with all of the excitement left in and all the boring parts cut out.

I do feel like I messed up quite a bit here. Well, the idea to pretend to have switched Alxeu's role was a good one, I still think so. Had I succeeded in finding someone who isn't his packmate instead of picking Alynkio, we might well have won I think. Even still, it allowed me to figure out who the wolves were. But I announced it too late and didn't follow up on it enough. For example I should have found and made the argument that Cymsdale and I can't be packmates. It's just that, remember the best friend/crush I asked out a few games back? We were kinda out together and she suggested watching a movie and I wasn't gonna say no and explain to her that it's because there's this forum game I'm playing and deadline falls in the middle of the movie :p So I was posting from inside and couldn't type a lot

Yeah, your troublemaker claim idea was a good one. You were just unfortunate in choosing both wolves to have "swapped," which I think only strengthened our claims, to the point Avernite trusted us over you.