Mar 20, 2021
im on the quest "on the hunt". after some conversations i manage to kill both npcs, i dont know but after i kill the one that attacked me, with the help of the other, then i got attacked by the other. anyway locke and myrek is dead. i did get the keystone and continue on some side quests. BIG MISTAKE!!
quest still says to "search locke and myred" but there nothing there now, after i came back to deserter's march. twin rivers area is locked/grey (location unreachable).
i dont know what to do. i search online for solutions, console commands, but cant get them working. if i "unlockallmaps" command, twins rivers is available but also everything else, with the corresponding quests. "areatransition" command, keeps getting me on the main menu, and someone said, its because i enter the wrong area code. i cant find the area code anywhere.
AreaTransition MapName PointLocation is the command, what the hell is point locaction? is there anything else i can try?? i also tried to find quest id codes to start the quest again maybe or the next. nothing online.
of course i dont have earlier saves cause of the side questing. i got 27 hours game time. im not about to start new!
please gime something to keep going :)

thanx in advance