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Elder Kings is a collaborative effort where each part of the work added by or contributed by a member of the team or contributor has been done so on an exclusive basis, every part of Elder Kings belongs to the active and current development team only, who hold the right of use of it. Apart from the Elder Kings development team, the only other entity entitled to the content of the module is Paradox Interactive, which under the terms of use, holds rights over all content created for its games, a fairly standard licensing agreement when it comes to modding.

As such, given the nature of the work in the mod, and how new content is added or updated leading to radical changes in features and components, permission given to use parts of the mod apply only to the content existing at the moment when the permission is given, in the form it had at that moment. That permission does not apply to any content created afterwards.

If you wish to use feature A.0 from EK, then you need acquire permission to use A.0, however you only get to use feature A.0. Feature A.1 or A.2 which come afterwards and are upgraded, improved or modified versions of feature A.0, you do not have permission to use, further permission must be sought to utilise this upgraded or rewritten feature.

Also permission given is not in the form of general license upon the entire modification, but is person or team specific to a specific feature. If permission to use feature A.0 is given to person B or team C, then only they have permission to use it. If one does take EK features from person B or team C, it does so without permission and is using work created by EK team for the EK mod unfairly; content we have created on our own free time to enhance the enjoyment of our own modification.

Elder Kings is a non-profit product, created by fans for fans, and like any modification or fan product, using the contents of another mod team without permission shows a lack of integrity, honesty and diligence on the part of the individuals involved. It takes less than the time to brew a cup of tea to ask for permission.
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