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Who shall win the 2012 Iron HeAARt?

  • Carnage Al Dente

    Votes: 53 49,1%
  • Rank and File

    Votes: 21 19,4%
  • Jiěfàng Zhànzhēng

    Votes: 8 7,4%
  • The War to end all Wars

    Votes: 16 14,8%
  • Freedom or Death

    Votes: 4 3,7%
  • Sudden Patriotic Carnage

    Votes: 6 5,6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Congratulations to all winners! And also to all who were nominated. Anyone even in competition for this has surpassed the vast majority and been noted by many. Great work! :)

I do hope work on that mod is continuing; I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds marvelous.

It is continuing, has been taken up by Dizzle and his team. I can say the TFH version is great and well balanced.
There is a very nice WWI MP game series going on with this mod, if anybody is interested.
I am deeply honored as I consider this price is the greatest of all on this fabulous forum. I humbly wish to thank all of you who voted. It means a lot for me. It is the nutrient for my inspirational seeds, the sun in my face and the ammunition to my word-gun. Thank you.

Also - I really wish to praise the immense work and writer qualities by Uriah. He could very well publish a book with the non-technical parts of "Rank and File". I feel we have been competing with apples and pears in a fruit competition and people simply liked apples better although the pears were of the most excellent qualities. But that is also what I like with a fruit competition :).

With that said - a hand for Avindian who has dedicated almost three months (although not full time ;)) to this competition. Thanks for giving us dedicated writers something to fight for.

Let's all keep it coming!
Congrats CptEasy, major fan of your AARs, keep 'em coming!