Obligatory Imperator Rome strange screenshot thread

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Apr 23, 2015
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I'll kick it off..yeah boi!

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The greatest power in the world is a... migratory tribe

Also Maurya has been in a multi-decade long civil war. First time I've seen them kicked completely off the power rankings. o_O
This is at least as bad as CK2:

Divine Marriage in Egypt. My ruler found her husband/brother in flagrante with her other brother...

I know you're uncivilized barbarian savages, but even so I would have expected you to understand the whole "revolt" thing a bit better...


Hidden behind the diplo screen in the first screenshot, we find the two Insubrias. At least one of them had a civil war until recently, making the situation even messier.
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An update on the weird revolt: At least the rebels are struggling together now (but not against the original country)...