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Feb 24, 2024
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I have disabled all mods​




object reference not

Expected Result​

the error will disappear

Actual Result​

didn't disappear

Steps to reproduce​

I can’t say for sure, I added assets from the workshop, unchecked the checkbox for large assets, changed the settings of some mods



Game Version​




Hello. I don’t know who to turn to anymore, I did everything possible, I deleted mods that may have some problems, checked the integrity of the files, reinstalled the game 2 times. It's been 2 weeks already. I used to have this problem, but then I just went to the penultimate save and that’s it, but here I went to the last 3 saves and there was an error everywhere. Please help me, I wanted to ask a question, for example, if I delete all the mods, what will happen to my city? As I know, assets disappear, but what about mods? well, like a surface painter mod. If anything, I have a save of this city when I did not have time to enter it (the error came out through the loading screen mod)



View attachment output_log.txt

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You could make a copy of your city save file, then In your Steam Library right-click on this game and choose Properties. In the Launch Options line, paste this in there:

-noWorkshop -disableMods

then try loading that copy, to see what happens to it.

BYW with only 8gb of system memory you shouldn't really be using mods or custom assets, as that is the bare memory the game needs to run at all. You could try unloading every other app you can before starting the game.