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Jan 30, 2018
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Allow me to preface this with this is not another cry for a romance plot in the game. While I would have enjoyed it (not necessarily between Ol' Fatebinder and *Party Member* but there were a few NPCs that might have been interesting), I don't think it was necessary. I do find it odd, however, that despite the amount of debauchery eluded to, referenced, blatantly mentioned, and even offered, Tunon's Fatebinder can't get him or herself laid to save their life. This was a game liberally painted with a thick coat of grey and the idea was to allow the player to decide how black or white they wanted to remain by game's end (or Red or Purple if you wanna pick a side in the civil war). You murder, steal, lie, cheat, assault, batter, and spread nasty gossip about mostly anyone and anything in the game. You even spend a few moments playing a round of Fuck Marry Kill with your party for crying out loud and yet even when an entire faction you intermingle with was founded on the principles of rape, pillage and succumbing to your wild desires both off and on the battlefield everyone regards sex with your Fatebinder as some strange little taboo that everyone abides by.

Again, I am not mandating there be romance plots in this or any game really but it leaves a strange void in a story where you're supposedly allowed to be morally ambiguous. Even a particular Scarlet Fury, one who preaches being true to one's self and living life to the fullest because each day can literally be her last, is strangely reserved and responsible when the subject is broached despite admitting she was rather agreeable to the idea, even if only carnally.

For the Record, the NPC in question I was referring to was Death Knell. I felt it would have been a very Scarlet Chorus thing to punch her square in the face then aggressively taking your frustrations out on her behind a tent, if you know what I mean.
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