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I was speaking with "Fria Ligan" on Kickstarter about receiving my product. I have written to them several times and am not getting a response. I wrote to them on the 23rd asking if everything was progressing smoothly and did not get a response. I then tried on the 29th and did not hear anything back. I have once again tried today and am getting frustrated. Board games like this have a heavier price tag than normal games. I think it's not acceptable to take my money and then stop responding to me.

Now I know that some of this work is done outside of Paradox but I'm hoping someone here can help. I am not getting anywhere on Kickstarter and did not make any progress asking in the discord. Can someone here please help me figure out the status of my purchase?

Honestly, im a bit frustrated by this experience and would prefer a refund considering what has happened here. IF that is not possible then id at least like for them to respond about the status of my order and let me know whats happening.


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Maybe @BjornB can help or find who could help?