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Mar 12, 2005
This is really inexcusable. The game is just one little scenario and the lack of music adds serious insult to injury. How can you guys even advertise Crown of the North as one seperate and complete game, and keep a straight face while you're doing it? It's more like just another campaign for EU2. It's ridiculous. Did it take you a whole 10 minutes to make this game? Don't even get me started on EU2 Asian Chapter, which also has NO music and whose asian technologies and military are the exact same as the European's.

Even for 20 dollars, I feel like I have been seriously ripped off.


Jan 18, 2005
Crown of the North (and Two Thrones for that matter) seem to have a problem with the music. It might be just the installer, but who knows.

Asian chapters DOES have music, and the problem IS the installer. I did a full writeup as to how to make this work. It is under the EU2 Tech thread