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No Leaders, no Slaves - An E3Map Mod

Flags and most claims/extra cores are missing, the African capitals haven't been specified, I haven't editted the diplomacy, and of course the ministers will come later on, but I can finally upload a scenario with the new 1936 world!

1- Download the E3Map and make a copy of it

2- Download my changes

3.1- Paste the E3map.eug (no, I haven't even changed that name :p) and the 1936 folder into the scenarios folder
3.2- Paste the world_names file into the config folder
3.3- Paste the countries file into the db folder

Of course all those directions are within the copied E3Map folder

You can't really have fun with this, but I'd appreciate if you checked the map and made suggestions based on it :)
EDIT: It's outdated, but I won't be updating the file until I have something mildly interesting and playable to upload.
Brazilian marines in the Amazon, mayhem in Australia and India, major powers in every corner of Europe, Egyptian and Moroccan tanks duking it out in Libya... Kaiserreich did a lot to improve the playability of most of the world, but with so much potential still unexplored, it was only a matter of time 'til someone went the extra mile. I hence give you...

No Leaders, no Slaves - An E3Map Mod

Old post:
I've always considered that most of the world has left aside by modders and do not play any role in the wars, and fortunately the E3 map allows modders to make a proper work in Africa, much of Asia and South America.

South America:

Tawantinsuyu - From tip to tip of the Andes, a series of wars lead to the unification of this apparently Latin Catholic region by Perú-Bolivia. Behind that cover hide the different peoples of the large Republic, source of many troubles during the Confederate period. Now it is under a Nationalist dictatorship aiming to build a united and powerful country capable of projecting its power over the Pacific.
Paraguay: The ultra-isolationist and militarist regime of Solano López achieved a decisive victory early in the Paraguayan War, returning the Rural government to Uruguay and gaining a coast in the Atlantic. An unintended consequences of that was that the country had to be opened to immigrants and traders. However, Paraguay remains the only Western country in which the indigenous peoples enjoy equal standards with the whites.
Uruguay: By far the weakest nation in the continent, this "buffer state" has gained from the Paraguayans recognition of slightly larger borders than in OTL, at the cost of assurances of free navigation to them. Decades have passed and all countries have adapted themselves to the new reality, a diplomatic mistake could entail an attack by Argentina.
Argentina: Though the war didn't lead to any territorial losses, the country's rank as the second power was broken completely. On the other hand, the militarism encouraged the pacification of the countryside, and a strong immigrationist wave ensued. If the government plays its cards right, what once was will be again.
Colombia: I have yet to create any history for it, but in the any case it has nothing to do with our Colombia, as it moved to Venezuela and then all the way to the Amazon.
Brazil: Humiliated and weakened, the Empire of Pedro II remained a strong force, and subsequently all his efforts went towards creating an arms industry for Brazil. Well into the XX century, the time might be ripe to recover its rightful land.

North America:

Mexican Empire: Maintaining a monarchy was a bloody business, and for decades control of all its formal territory was impossible, but eventually Mexico found a capable ruler who definitely centralized the country. As I still haven't decided what there is north of it I can't anything else.

Central American State: Somehow, it still exists (a bunch of unimportant minors don't make for an interesting game).

Caribe: A series of slave revolts along the Caribbean Islands were met by a united reaction from the European powers, which sadly for them strenghtened the rebels more than them, and eventually a single state was formed.
This country fully dependent on trade and fully angered at oppression became a liberal stronghold (though without any major philosophical foundation), and reached unmatched levels of growth, though its lack of resources and population barely let it be one among nations in the Americas.

Europe (it's really late over here and I'm not going to finish the descriptions now):

Spain: Catalonia's been French ever since about 800 A.D.; Portugal was incorporated as a separate kingdom, but after a revolt was crushed it lost much of its autonomy.

France: Current territory + Catalonia + Wallonia - Corsica

Germany: Greater Germany, enough said

Great Britain: United, no empire though

Italy: It recently became a major land, aside from sea, power. With its powerful navy and many ports it controls the Mediterranean trade.

Byzantium (of course ): A remnant that has lost the Adriatic coast and Crete to Italy, another defeat might give the imperial claims to the Italians and maybe end the Monarchy.

Hungary: Another one that's just there...

Poland: Same...

Netherlands (with Flanders): The same.

Norway: The kingdom's never faced any non-Swedish threat, so it maintained peaceful development usually guaranteed by the major powers.

Denmark-Sweden (definitely needs a better name): Denmark alone was too weak to survive forever and is now part of a new country, although its equal standing relative to Sweden is mostly formal.

Finland: Nothing so far...

Middle East:

Turkey: The Turks never managed to expand away from the mountains, although during a period of Persian weakness Kurdistan was conquered. As in a few other nations, diplomacy is the name of the game.

Persia: Some Shia dynasty, more to come.

Levantine Kingdom: Egypt at some point controlled the Levant but, again during a crisis, this territory became independent. Unstable.

Egypt: Fairly stronk, it recently expanded along the Nile.


Zimbabwe: Umm... I'll need to think about this...

South Africa: I imagine it as just a larger version of the historical country, though maybe without/only a short British rule.

Swahili State (in need of a name): Something...

Ethiopian Empire: Like its historical counterpart, but stronger.

Morocco: From Marrakech to Tripoli, a few hundred kilometers of chaos!

Kingdom of Kongo: Many slaves, much trade, so decentralized

That's it for now, I'm thinking of adding some countries in West Africa/the Sahel, and also of making the British Raj a bunch of different states, including an Afghan Empire.

For East Asia, I had a really crazy idea: Japan as a conservative democracy which has completely isolated China's railroads and sea lanes, through many puppet warlords and a powerful navy, thus exploiting its resources and limited industry safely. This unfair relationship will be the cause of a major revolt/war.
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Maybe it's too early, but as there are just 7 countries in South America, do you plan any regional revolters there, maybe Brazilian states, native American rebels? Actually I've always wanted to play a mod concentrated on other world regions than Europe and if I knew how to write events without obligatory CTD (99% of my events cause CTD) I could even do it myself, at least on smaller scale as some sort of expanded battlescenario limited to one continent.


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Well, it's a possibility, but I'm actually happy with this number of states.
Some ideas would be the Piratini Republic, the original countries (lazy, I know :p) if you want to break up Tawantinsuyu, an Amazonian native state and a country encompassing the Guyanas.

That aside, I don't want to concentrate on some regions alone (although time constraints will force me to), but rather make every single one meaningful in international politics.