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Mar 4, 2019
Hello Wardens,

After releasing Prison Architect on Nintendo Switch a few years ago, we have come to the difficult decision to no longer provide content or updates to this version of the game. We are shifting our team’s focus to where Prison Architect players are most active. This change means we have more resources to continue providing high-quality content for our players and fans.

We are sorry to close this chapter, but we look forward to sharing more information about Prison Architect’s future with you all very soon.

Paradox Interactive & D11
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In that case I expect some sort of compensation as the game is literally unplayable and has been for months as you have ignored all comments and requests from switch players. Also why is the game still able to be purchased on switch when it doesn't work and you know it. You are selling a faulty product
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Why can't I change the language in Prison Architect Nintendo Switch Edition? The Steam version is Polish and I wanted to choose Polish for the Switch version. Is it possible to add it?