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Sep 11, 2023
Hi all. I'm fairly new to Darkest Hour and loving the game.

I've found this forum to be very useful and I hope in future to be able to participate in some MP games.

I'm playing as Germany and have successfully conquered most of Europe now. I haven't built up for Sealion so it'll be Barbarossa next.

I'm in the process of conquering North Africa and plan to drive through Iraq/Syria and position a large force next to Baku. As I understand the German original vision was for the Afrika Korps to link up with the Army coming through the Donbas region.

I'm sure will be posting questions along the way. Wish me luck with the Russians!
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Depending on the time there were hopes to get Turkey or Iraq into the Axis which would have made an attack into the Caucasus from the south somewhat more plausible.

However with Mustafa being too careful to join and the british quickly smashing the coup in Iraq that never happened.
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I am indeed. And, I love strategy and history and this is a wonderful mix of the two. Maybe there are more modern games which are better but I'm happy with DH.
Hi and welcome Dgof1

Also check out my fan website


Also there are a few discord servers for DH MP. Just let me know if you want the links
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