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Feb 8, 2001
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NEWBIE questions answered here! Please Read

The following threads have all been proven to be very valuable in helping newbies (and old timers :D). Also note, that each forum may have very good sticky posts. And please ask questions! No question is too dumb, and there are a lot of very helpful people on the board.

FAQ and other EU sites
Before doing anything else, go to Huszics FAQ site.

Also, see FAQ for EU beginners.

For a list of EU sites, see EU Sites.

EU Version
EU1.09 is the current patch. Download it here. It has crash fixes and game play improvements.

EU1.10 is scheduled for early September.

EU II is scheduled for late 2001, and is eagerly awaited by all of us EU fans. See this overview of the new game, and the General Discussions - EU II Forum.

The manual
A table of contents can be found here, and an index here

How do I play different countries?
See here, but better yet download the Improved Grand Campaign

Hints, techniques, strategy, etc.
You've been a Bad Boy


Morale in combat

Organizing your army

To vasselize and annex

Becoming the Holy Roman Emperor

Where is the gold?

When and how do you get colonists

Strategy guide for major nations

Creating or modifying scenarios
Check Gen. Suvorov's FAQ site, and go to the Scenario Forum

Personalities on the board
There are a number of people on the board that have contributed a lot to the board and to helping others out. You will figure out who is who over time. There are, however, three notorious people - BiB, VultureGFF, and Carolus Rex that you will immediately see everywhere. They post a lot, have a lot of fun, and are very helpful - ignore the rest of their nonsense. :D
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