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Feb 24, 2019
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We are all amazed by the flexibility that the mix of races and secret tech provides to us as players, and for me, personally, the game’s variety seems to be one of its strongest traits.

However, there has been an idea of mine, that has been bugging me from a AOW:3. Namely, what if you would like to double down on your race, just because you love them so much. (I’m looking at you, frostlings :) ) What if you could pick a secret tech that would extend your own race, instead of driving it into a different direction. And I think I have the solution, well sort of…

It would still be a secret tech, but this time it would focus on the protection of the race’s heritage and style. Their units will be ones, which all of the races could have. Their technology could gave a more shared, or general feel to it. I was thinking something of the sort of a noble bloodline of this race, and its units and techs would have more of a general feel to them, rather than specifically oriented, as any other secret tech.

For instance their Tier2 unit could be a Guard, or a Bodyguard, or a Retinue.

Their Tier3 unit could be a Noble, or a Barron.

Their Tier4 unit could be a Lord or a Highlord.

All of them would bear the image and looks of their original race, thus serving as an extention to their other racial units, instead of diverting them into a different direction. I picked a noble bloodline to be the theme of my idea for a Progeny Guardian (or simply Highborn) , because all of the races have a higher class or caste, so it is easier to justify their image this way.

Or, if you wouldn't like a noble bloodline as a theme, then it could be:
T2 - Sergeant
T3 - Captain
T4 - Colonel (in an APC, or a tank for instace.)
And the theme of their technology would be a more militaristic one, which of course, every race in the game should have. Besides, this would fit the Sci-Fi wargame narrative further on.

My idea is for this secret tech to be for the people who love a certain race and would like to specialize in it, solely. It is just an option, which I would love to have.

I hope you are all having a nice day! Stay safe!

Kind Regards!
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Sep 7, 2018
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...Synth or Heritor should already be played with a focus on the racial units doh.