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Nov 30, 2005
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I know there are some other mods out there but here's mine. I attempt to fill out the u20-U69 range with nations that really should be in the game. My goals are:
1) to have most of the nations that achieved independence in real life in the game (e. g. Botswana, East Timor, Zambia, South Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Cape Verde, etc)
2) to add a few meganations that should be in the game, e. g. Turkestan, Caucasia, etc
3) to allow for additional breakup of the USA
4) to allow some of the U00-U19 space to remain free, if possible, for users to put in their own favorite countries.

Unfortunately in some of the other new nations mods, too much attention is paid to minor nations and it is not possible to include what I have above.

Here is the current list of countries (as of version 0.17):
Tag name
U00 Catalonia
U11 Idel-Ural
U13 Empire of China
U20 Free State--moddable by user--revolt.txt data is Gran Mexico (what Mexico had before 1836)
U21 Alaska
U22 New England
U23 Atlantic Federation
U24 Macedonia
U25 West Papua
U26 Papua-New Guinea
U27 Newfoundland
U28 Iberia
U29 Fiji
U30 United Melanesia
U31 Puerto Rico
U32 Barbados
U33 Micronesia
U34 Hawaii
U35 Turkestan
U36 South Yemen
U37 Solomon Federation
U38 Cape Verde
U39 Austria-Hungary
U40 Caucasia
U41 Kiribati
U42 Mid-Atlantic Republic
U43 Guinea-Bissau
U44 Moldova
U45 Djibouti
U46 Botswana
U47 São Tomé and Príncipe
U48 East Timor
U49 Bahamas
U50 Mascarene Islands
U51 Zambia
U52 Baltic Union
U53 Malawi
U54 Sahrawi Republic
U55 Free France
U56 Bangladesh
U57 Florida
U58 New Afrika
U59 Eritrea
U60 Dietsland
U61 Taiwan
U62 Qatar
U63 Dubai
U64 Cascadia
U65 East Turkestan
U66 Intermountain
U67 Great Lakes Republic
U68 Deseret
U69 Oceti Sakowin
UPR Prussia
UPS Communist Japan

Please post your comments in this forum for recommendations about additonal countries. Unlike New Nations, this mod will emphasize POST-WW2 states, but with some support for major earlier alternate histories.

NEW REVOLTERS is now an integral part of the Cold War Extension, and the download link is in my sig.
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Nov 30, 2005
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AndrewJ said:
Email me if you'd like any info on West Papua's history.
Sure, PM me with your email address

I've used New Nations material with extensive modification. In a few cases I threw out the data and substituted generic leaders. Given the disparity between what we've done I did not believe advance permission necessary, but have now obtained it (edit). At first I tried to help improve and correct the mod, but found I was being mostly ignored, and we have fundamental differences of philosophy. Hence this mod. If you download and compare the two mods you will notice extensive differences and additions on my part. Take a look at Macedonia for example. (post has been edited to reflect sensitivity)
The flags, shields and counters are my own work, based on publicly posted designs. Complete disclosure of sources is included in the readme and sources.csv file in the mod, and I've added about 10 countries on my own.
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Aug 27, 2007
I woudn't be critic with New Nations Mod and Take info from them at the same time, at least I would thank them in a different way you Thank them in your readme file, I think that is not fair treat them as a "basis for other Mods", Will be your Mod also a base for other Mods? you also accuse them in your readme file that most of their info is unreliable and this is not true, MNN has some errors (like ALL the Mods out there) but most of their info is good. By being critic with them Now you must be very accurate and make a "perfect" Mod, IMHO starting with "generic" leaders is not the best way to be reliable historically speaking. I play the New Nations Mod and visit their threat very often and they correct every single bug of error that people report them. I also noticed time ago the hawaiian leaders error and PM Daboo about it, he answer me that Hawaii was one of the first nations he created more than one year ago and the info was not very accurate, I must say that the ministers and leaders info of Hawaii has been corrected and improved since my PM even that they kept some of the "non generals" leaders.
Well I'm deffending New Nations Mod too much, Daboo must pay me for doing it :D

Your Mod looks nice, I'll play it anyway. And I'm sorry, I don't want to offend you I just didn't like the way you "Thank" a very good Mod like MNN in your Readme file.

Greetings from Cordoba


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Nov 30, 2005
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Romano, Davidiana,
I don't want to get involved in politics. I accept and acknowledge New Nations data, subject to review. What I was trying to say is I don't just blindly accept other people's data. The accuracy of data is a minor point IMO. The major difference actually is our differing opinions on which nations should be included, and there is no resolution to that issue but two mods. Yes, anyone who wants to use my info and credit me for his or her own mod has my advance permission. I hope also that Paradox eventually recognizes my and Daboo's info and adds some nations to the game-- at least some of the obvious ones like Eritrea, Macedonia and Moldova. Will iron out "political issues in the readme file" on next release.

I have already offered, and Daboo has accepted, a data sharing agreement.

What to do about nations where the data is poor is a subject I would like to discuss on the forums.

I'll give an example of a nation that generic leaders are more realistic than real ones--the Atlantic Ocean Federation. Such a state, centered in the Canary Islands, was the dream of a Venezuelan student. It never received any real support, but he did design a flag. There is no reliable information available AFAIK about the Canary Islands, and with good reason--the Canary Islands had no colonial governors during the period. They were governed by direct democracy. Go to worldstatesmen.org and you will see that. There is actually one person known to be involved with Canary Islands government--his name was Francisco Franco. Now you would hardly want to make him head of state, because then you'd have to sleep him as head of state for Nationalist Spain and Iberia. I could put in leaders from the Azores, Cape Verde, Sao Tome, Bermuda etc, but--what happens if these nations break away, or were never part of the country? The leaders and ministers would have to be slept and the country is left with no valid ministers or leaders. Generic leaders are, in a few cases, the only answer.

If someone with knowledge of the subject wants to submit the names of real Canary Islands ministers and leaders, with sources cited (pictures are not needed) of the time period, I'll include them.

There are many cases where there is no reliable info on potential military leaders. nevertheless, I think it is safe to assume that any nation that needed a job filled would find somebody to fill it, even if that person is completely unqualified (skill 0). That is the idea of generic leaders. Without them, the game will add a name from the unknown leaders file for that country, but not allow that person to gain skill. This is hardly fair or realistic. Even a completely unqualified person would still learn by experience. Having ministers double as military leaders (often in more than one branch) is also, I believe, an entirely reasonable approach and is done not only by me, but Daboo and the vanilla game as well.

Now, I'd like to move on. Let's get started on the Bahamas. My preliminary research indicates that the minister list should be quite interesting--especially the fascist ministers. Edward VIII was made colonial governor there to sideline him during the war. I don't want him, because you would not have a head of state for fascist UK or fascist England but there are others, such as Wallis Simpson as foreign minister (The Cloak N Dagger Schemer). There were also some rich and influential people living there, and there was a legislature. Probably we can have a Social Liberal and Fascist set of ministers. I'll post when I have a minister list. Any input is welcome.
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Aug 27, 2007
nomonhan said:
If someone with knowledge of the subject wants to submit the names of real Canary Islands ministers and leaders, with sources cited (pictures are not needed) of the time period, I'll include them.

Do you want Canarian Ministers and Leaders? Take a Look at the New Nations Mod :)
These are some of the canarian ministers added in New nations Mod, with source as you request:
Manuel Bethencourt, Founder of the Canarian Socialist party in 1917 - Born in Gran Canaria in 1882 - source
Juan Negrín López, Spanish Politician was Spanish President between 1937 and 1945 (in exile) - born in Gran Canaria 1892 - Source
Antonio Lara Zárate, Governor of Tenerife in 1931 - Tenerife 1881 - Source
Luis Rodriguez Figueroa, writer, very active antifascist activist - Born in El Puerto de la Cruz (Gran Canaria) in 1875
Juan Perea, General of the Republican Army - Born in Tenerife in 1890 - Source

Do you think this info unreliable? Well, I think that is not unreliable at all ... There are more websites than worlstatemen to find info about politicien :)

What I didn't like is the way you was critic with the New Nations Mod creators and the way, not very fair in my opinion, that you credited them in your readme file, stating that most of the info there is not very reliable , when this is not true.

I'm not tellin that the New Nations Mod have no errors, of course it has, but the info there is not unreliable as you state.

Again, Daboo and Dannielshannon should pay me for defending their Mod :D and please don't feel offended for my post, really is not my intention. I submitted some info to the New Nations Mod (a very few ministers) and I felt attacked :cool:

Greetings from Cordoba
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Nov 30, 2005
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Davidiana, Thanks. Your input is a good start. Especially thanks for the input on Bethencourt as my initial web search for him turned up dry, and I think I found a namesake of his in the Azores. These obscure web sites are quite valuable but need to be cited. However, due to minister deaths without replacements, I am still lacking a good set. And by 1956 there is only one minister left, so I'd have to give Perea all the ministries in 1956. Furthermore, these ministers are credible only for democratic or communist governments, so I'd still be obligated to put in phantom fascists, and other phantom ministers starting in 1956. The other set, with one exception, are from Bermuda, and since I'm planning on introducing the Bahamas, I think it more appropriate for Bermuda to be part of the Bahamas claim.
6500;Head of Government;Manuel Bethencourt;death date unknown;36;SL;Ambitious Union Boss;Medium;Manuel_Bethencourt;x
6501;Head of State;Juan Negrín López;d. 11-12-56;36;LWR;Popular Figurehead;Medium;Juan_Negrin_Lopez;x
6502;Minister of Security;Antonio Lara Zárate;d. 2-24-56;36;SD;Efficient Sociopath;Medium;Antonio_Lara_Zarate;x
6503;Foreign Minister;Luis Rodriguez Figueroa;assassinated 36;36;LWR;Biased Intellectual;Medium;Luis_Rodriguez_Figueroa;x
6504;Minister of Armament;Luis Rodriguez Figueroa;assassinated 36;36;LWR;Administrative Genius;Medium;Luis_Rodriguez_Figueroa;x
6505;Head of Military Intelligence;Antonio Lara Zárate;d. 2-24-56;36;SD;Political Specialist;Medium;Antonio_Lara_Zarate;x
6506;Chief of Staff;José Miguel Pérez;executed 36;36;LWR;Static Defence Doctrine;Medium;Jose_Miguel_Perez;x
6507;Chief of Army;Juan Perea;1890-1967;36;LWR;Decisive Battle Doctrine;Medium;Perea;x
6508;Chief of Navy;Juan Negrín López;d. 11-12-56;36;LWR;Base Control Doctrine;Medium;Juan_Negrin_Lopez;x
6509;Chief of Air Force;Juan Negrín López;d. 11-12-56;36;LWR;Air Superiority Doctrine;Medium;Juan_Negrin_Lopez;x

To solve the problem, I'll either have to 1) have more ministers 2) put in a slew of phantom ministers or 3) increase the required provinces to include the Portuguese held islands of Cape Verde, Sao Tome and the Azores. Of course I'll have to add death events, and I'm reluctant to include people I know died in 1936 at all, since they'd only be useful for Mod 33 or Mod 34. Any thoughts? Any info on a Canarian expatriate community?

Here's a preliminary list for the Bahamas--mostly the military slots are unfilled at present. Any suggestions are welcomed.
U49;Ruling Cabinet - Start;Name;Pool;Ideology;Personality;Loyalty;Picturename;x
;Head of State;William Lindsay Murphy;33;ML;Stern Imperialist;High;unknown;x
;Head of Government;Roland Symonette;33;ML;Corporate Suit;High;unknown;x
;Foreign Minister;Alvin Braynen;33;ML;Great Compromiser;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Armament;Stafford Sands;33;ML;Laissez Faires Capitalist;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Security;Estelle Evans ;33;ML;Man of the People;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Security;Alfred Adderly;33;ML;Silent Lawyer;High;unknown;v
;Head of Military Intelligence;Sir Etienne Dupuch;33;ML;Political Specialist;High;unknown;x
;Head of State;Sir Harold Christie;33;PA;Autocratic Charmer;High;unknown;x
;Head of Government;Axel Wenner-Gren;33;SC;Corporate Suit;High;unknown;x
;Foreign Minister;Wallis Simpson;33;FA;The Cloak N Dagger Schemer;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Armament;Charles Bedaux;33;FA;Administrative Genius;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Armament;Johann-Heinrich Fehler;33;NS;Submarine Proponent;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Security;Edward Melchen;33;PA;Efficient Sociopath;High;unknown;x
;Head of Military Intelligence;Edmundo di Robilant ;33;FA;Naval Intelligence Specialist;High;unknown;x
;Head of State;Milo Butler;33;SD;Benevolent Gentleman;High;unknown;x
;Head of Government;Lynden Oscar Pindling;60;SD;Ambitious Union Boss;High;unknown;x
;Head of Government;Clarence Bain;33;SD;Flamboyant Tough Guy;High;unknown;x
;Foreign Minister;Clarence Bain;33;SD;Ideological Crusader;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Armament;Clifford Darling;58;SD;Resource Industrialist;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Armament;Randol Fawkes;51;SD;Laissez Faires Capitalist;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Armament;Samuel McPherson;33;SD;Laissez Faires Capitalist;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Security;Samuel McPherson;33;SD;Man of the People;High;unknown;x
;Minister of Security;Sir Godfrey Higgs;33;SD;Silent Lawyer;High;unknown;x
;Chief of Navy;Johann-Heinrich Fehler;33;NS;Indirect Approach Doctrine;High;unknown;x
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Aug 27, 2007
nomonhan said:
Davidiana, Thanks. Your input is a good start.
You must Thank New Nations Mod, I took the ministers from them to prove that their info is not as reliable as you state in your readme file :)


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Nov 30, 2005
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In the next release, when using information in part supplied by the New Nations mod, I will list the source as "New Nations revised". The primary reasons for revision are to account for minister/leader deaths when the death date is known, and to eliminate duplication--the same person is in more than one file or a person is already in the game for a different country, in which case the person either has to be removed or a death event has to be written.


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Dec 16, 2006
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How is progress? Also, you should probably add Kosovo.


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Nov 30, 2005
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There are not enough tags to support every conceivable nation. Kosovo is in the New Nations mod. I will not add it. In the next release I will add instructions as to how you as an individual can add other nations from other mods in the free space I will leave from U00-U20. There are many European revolters in New Nations that I'm not going to add because in real life no major power wanted them to be independent. The only question was which side was going to control them. This is certainly the case for Kosovo. They are plausible as puppet states, but accepting them would mean that real states like Papua New Guinea, the Bahamas, Botswana, Zambia, Qatar, South Yemen, etc. would have to be eliminated.

New Nations is a 1936 Alternate History mod. Mine is a regular-game and postwar mod. Although I will leave some room for 1936 alternate history that is not the primary mission. I will, however, take a very serious look at New Nations to determine if any additional claims should be added in border regions.

However, if you want Kosovo or any other nation from another mod you can download both mods, and use individual nations from that mod together with my package. I made sure our numbering systems were different, so that this will work.

Bahamas is essentially complete. Here are the minister and tech team files. For military leaders I'm going to use a more advanced generic leader routine in the next release, which will add an element of randomness. I believe that the search for "real military commanders" sufficient to fill a file is a lost cause for some countries, and although I could maybe give 3 or 4 real people for the Bahamas that is not enough. Here is the Bahamas minister list:

U49;Ruling Cabinet - Start;Name;Pool;Ideology;Personality;Loyalty;Picturename;x
849000;Head of State;William Lindsay Murphy;33;ML;Stern Imperialist;High;unknownd;x
849001;Head of Government;Roland Symonette;33;ML;Corporate Suit;High;M849001;x
849002;Foreign Minister;Alvin Braynen;33;ML;Great Compromiser;High;unknownd;x
849003;Minister of Armament;Stafford Sands;43;ML;Laissez Faires Capitalist;High;M849003;x
849004;Minister of Security;Estelle Evans ;33;SL;Man of the People;High;M849004;x
849005;Head of Military Intelligence;Sir Etienne Dupuch;33;ML;Political Specialist;High;unknownd;x
849006;Chief of Staff;Sir Arthur Ross Neville;33;ML;School of Defence;High;M849006;x
849007;Chief of Army;Sir Arthur Ross Neville;33;ML;Decisive Battle Doctrine;High;M849006;x
849008;Chief of Navy;Francis S. Low;33;SL;Open Seas Doctrine;High;M849008;x
849009;Chief of Air Force;Daniel V Gallery;33;SL;Naval Aviation Doctrine;High;M849009;x
849010;Head of State;Sir Harold Christie;33;SC;Weary Stiffneck;High;M849010;x
849011;Head of Government;Axel Wenner-Gren;33;SC;Corporate Suit;High;M849011;x
849012;Foreign Minister;Wallis Simpson;33;FA;The Cloak N Dagger Schemer;High;M849012;x
849013;Minister of Armament;Charles Bedaux;33;FA;Administrative Genius;High;M849013;x
849014;Minister of Security;Edward Melchen;33;PA;Efficient Sociopath;High;unknown;x
849015;Head of Military Intelligence;Edmundo di Robilant ;33;FA;Naval Intelligence Specialist;High;unknownf;x
849016;Chief of Staff;Axel Wenner-Gren;33;SC;School of Fire Support;High;M849011;x
849017;Chief of Army;Axel Wenner-Gren;33;SC;Static Defence Doctrine;High;M849011;x
849018;Chief of Navy;Reinhard Hardegen;39;NS;Indirect Approach Doctrine;High;M849018;x
849019;Chief of Air Force;Sir Harold Christie;33;SC;Vertical Envelopment Doctrine;High;M849010;x
849020;Head of State;Milo Butler;33;SD;Benevolent Gentleman;High;M849020;x
849021;Head of Government;Lynden Oscar Pindling;60;SD;Ambitious Union Boss;High;M849021;x
849022;Foreign Minister;Clarence Bain;33;SD;Ideological Crusader;High;unknowns;x
849023;Minister of Armament;Clifford Darling;58;SD;Resource Industrialist;High;M849023;x
849024;Minister of Security;Samuel McPherson;33;SD;Man of the People;High;M849024;x
849025;Head of Military Intelligence;Claudius Roland Walker;33;SD;Technical Specialist;High;M849025;x
849026;Chief of Staff;Claudius Roland Walker;33;SD;School of Mass Combat;High;M849025;x
849027;Chief of Army;Samuel McPherson;33;SD;Guns and Butter Doctrine;High;M849024;x
849030;Head of State;Edward VIII;37;ML;Autocratic Charmer;High;M1011;x
849031;Head of State;Edward VIII;37;FA;Autocratic Charmer;High;M1011;x
849032;Head of Government;Clarence Bain;33;SD;Flamboyant Tough Guy;High;unknowns;x
849033;Foreign Minister;Axel Wenner-Gren;36;SC;Biased Intellectual;High;M849011;x
849034;Head of Military Intelligence;Inga Arvad;40;SC;Dismal Enigma;High;M849034;x
849035;Minister of Armament;Reinhard Hardegen;39;NS;Submarine Proponent;High;M849018;x
849036;Minister of Armament;Randol Fawkes;51;SD;Laissez Faires Capitalist;High;M849036;x
849037;Minister of Armament;Axel Wenner-Gren;33;SC;Tank Proponent;High;M849011;x
849038;Minister of Armament;Samuel McPherson;33;SD;Laissez Faires Capitalist;High;M849024;x
849039;Head of Military Intelligence;Sir Arthur Ross Neville;33;ML;Naval Intelligence Specialist;High;M849006;x
849040;Head of Military Intelligence;Reinhard Hardegen;41;NS;Naval Intelligence Specialist;High;M849018;x
849041;Minister of Security;Alfred Adderly;33;ML;Silent Lawyer;High;M849041;v
849042;Minister of Security;Sir Godfrey Higgs;33;SD;Silent Lawyer;High;M849042;x
849043;Chief of Navy;Axel Wenner-Gren;33;SC;Open Seas Doctrine;High;M849011;x
849044;Chief of Navy;Sir Arthur Ross Neville;33;ML;Decisive Naval Battle Doctrine;High;M849006;x

Events will be included to deal with Edward VIII. He was in real life the colonial governor from 1940-1945, and was sent there on the orders of Winston Churchill because of his alleged Nazi sympathies. During his tenure, there was a famous murder of Sir Harry Oakes, and the Duke of Windsor's actions were controversial. So there are events to install him and sleep him. Do some reading about the Oakes murder and have a little fun. It was widely believed that Axel Wenner-Gren and Inga Arvad were pro-Nazi but this has been disputed, and cannot be proven. Wenner-Gren, I believe, wanted to avoid war, but would probably try to work out an arrangement with any side that was clearly winning. The business community was quite strong, and it is likely that any right-of-center government would take them into consideration. Inga Arvad appears to have been at first attracted to Hitler, and was his date for the 1936 Olympics but later detested his policies. Nonetheless, her comments led many to believe, at the time, that she was a Nazi spy. Inga Arvad was the person who was responsible for JFK being busted out of Naval Intelligence and reassigned to patrol boat duty in the South Pacific. So I elected to include them as Social Conservative. Here are the teams:

U49;Name;Pic Name;Skill;Start Year;End Year;Speciality1;Speciality2;Speciality3;Speciality4;Speciality5;Speciality6;Speciality7;Speciality8;Speciality9;Speciality10;Speciality11;Speciality12;Speciality13;Speciality14;Speciality15;Speciality16;Speciality17;Speciality18;Speciality19;Speciality20;Speciality21;Speciality22;Speciality23;Speciality24;Speciality25;Speciality26;Speciality27;Speciality28;Speciality29;Speciality30;Speciality31;Speciality32;x
94901;Ministry of Defense;Tsma;3;1930;1970;training;infantry_focus;individual_courage;general_equipment;artillery;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94902;Chamber of Commerce;Tsdc;3;1930;1970;management;industrial_engineering;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94903;State Industrial Conglomerate;Tsic;2;1930;1970;technical_efficiency;mechanics;aeronautics;naval_engineering;naval_artillery;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94904;State Military Research Institution;Tsmri;2;1930;1970;aircraft_testing;piloting;seamanship;naval_training;combined_arms_focus;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94905;Ministry of Education;Tsuri;2;1930;1970;mathematics;management;chemistry;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94906;Axel Wenner-Gren;T94906;5;1930;1961;management;industrial_engineering;technical efficiency;artillery;general_equipment;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94907;Andreos Naval Air Station;T94907;3;1940;1970;piloting;naval_training;small_taskforce_tactics;seamanship;submarine_tactics;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94908;Mayaguana Army Airfield;T94908;3;1940;1970;aircraft_testing;bomber_tactics;piloting;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x
94909;Sir Harold Christie;T94909;3;1930;1970;aeronautics;aircraft_testing;piloting;chemistry;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x

Although there was no university, the school system of the Bahamas was historically quite strong, so I believe a ministry of education is warranted with skill 2. Many Bahamians were graduates of American universities such as the Tuskeegee Institute and Howard University, and some of the black educators could even speak German.

Any comments on the ministers or teams or help for the mod is welcomed.
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Nov 30, 2005
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Version 0.15 is now out-- Bahamas added as a country and cleaned up ministers for Atlantic Federation (Canaries et al) and Mascarene Islands (aka Indian Ocean Federation) so these countries can have real ministers.
Cleaned up a lot of minor issues.
More detailed documentation.
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Nov 30, 2005
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No changes planned for the next 6 weeks-2 months. Will be active with the CDCP. Since some of my stuff is bugfix, I'd like to see what I and others can accomplish with CDCP-SIP first, so there are less bugs to fix.

Then I will make this into an add-on to (or perhaps integrated with) CCIP and CDCP.

Please report any bugs or suggestions for new revolters to this forum.

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Sep 4, 2006
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nomonhan said:
U13 Empire of China
*That funny sound what Homer Simpson makes when he sees donuts*

Will you make ministers and leaders for it?
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Nov 30, 2005
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Lord Finnish. Oops! Somehow I forgot to include the ministers. Here they are:

U13;Ruling Cabinet - Start;Name;Pool;Ideology;Personality;Loyalty;Picturename;x
58101;Head of State;Pu-Yi;36;FA;Popular Figurehead;High;M58001;x
58102;Head of Government;Chang Ching-hui;36;FA;Happy Amateur;High;M58002;x
58103;Foreign Minister;Chang Ching-hui;36;FA;Iron Fisted Brute;Medium;M58002;x
58104;Minister of Armament;Li Shao-keng;36;FA;Military Entrepreneur;Medium;M58004;x
58105;Minister of Security;Chin Chu-han;36;FA;Back Stabber;Medium;M58005;x
58106;Head of Military Intelligence;Kawashima Yoshiko;36;FA;Political Specialist;Medium;M58006;x
58107;Chief of Staff;Chi Hsing;36;FA;School of Defence;Medium;M58007;x
58108;Chief of Army;Chi Hsing;36;FA;Static Defence Doctrine;Medium;M58007;x
58109;Chief of Navy;Sergei Ramilcheff;36;FA;Indirect Approach Doctrine;Medium;M58009;x
58110;Chief of Air Force;Yokoyama Masayuki;36;FA;Vertical Envelopment Doctrine;Medium;M58010;x
58112;Head of State;Pu-Yi;41;NS;Popular Figurehead;High;M58001;x
58113;Head of State;Pu-Yi;45;PA;Popular Figurehead;High;M58001;x
58114;Head of Government;Liou Tcheng-fou;37;FA;Naive Optimist;High;M58014;x
58115;Head of Government;Wei Cheng-chen;38;FA;Old General;High;M58015;x
58116;Head of Government;Adatchi Mineichiro;41;NS;Silent Workhorse;High;M58016;x
58117;Head of Government;Matsuyama Shinjiro;43;NS;Happy Amateur;High;M58017;x
58118;Head of Government;Nitobe Inazo;44;NS;Old Air Marshal;High;M58018;x
58119;Head of Government;Loh Tcheng;45;PA;Happy Amateur;High;M58019;x
58120;Head of Government;Chao Hsin-chu;46;PA;Political Protege;High;M58020;x
58121;Foreign Minister;Tsai Yun-sheng;37;FA;Ideological Crusader;Medium;M58021;x
58122;Foreign Minister;Pei Tsu-yee;38;FA;Great Compromiser;Medium;M58022;x
58123;Foreign Minister;Iida Kusuo;41;NS;Iron Fisted Brute;Medium;M58023;x
58124;Foreign Minister;Nagai Matsuzo;43;NS;Ideological Crusader;Medium;M58024;x
58125;Foreign Minister;Li Shao-keng;44;NS;Biased Intellectual;Medium;M58004;x
58126;Foreign Minister;Oei Hui-lan;45;PA;The Cloak N Dagger Schemer;Very Low;M58026;x
58127;Foreign Minister;Pu-Yi;46;PA;Great Compromiser;Very High;M58001;x
58128;Minister of Armament;Liou Tcheng-fou;37;FA;Battle Fleet Proponent;Medium;M58014;x
58129;Minister of Armament;Ishiguro Shiro;38;FA;Submarine Proponent;Medium;M58029;x
58130;Minister of Armament;Tsushima Juichi;41;NS;Laissez Faires Capitalist;Medium;M58030;x
58131;Minister of Armament;Ishii Kikijuro;43;NS;Strategic Air Proponent;Medium;M58031;x
58132;Minister of Armament;Megata Toshiro;44;NS;Air to Ground Proponent;Medium;M58032;x
58133;Minister of Armament;Kyuin Wellington Koo;45;PA;Corrupt Kleptocrat;Very Low;M58033;x
58134;Minister of Armament;Lo Tsang-yin;46;PA;Administrative Genius;Very High;M58034;x
58136;Minister of Security;Soume Tcheng;38;FA;Crime Fighter;Medium;M58036;x
58137;Minister of Security;Adatchi Mineichiro;41;NS;Prince of Terror;Low;M58016;x
58138;Minister of Security;Hayashi Gonsuke;43;NS;Crime Fighter;Low;M58038;x
58139;Minister of Security;Nitobe Inazo;44;NS;Efficient Sociopath;Low;M58018;x
58140;Minister of Security;Tang Tsai-fou;45;PA;Crooked Kleptocrat;Very Low;M58040;x
58141;Minister of Security;Chao Chu-wu;46;PA;Man of the People;Very High;M58041;x
58142;Head of Military Intelligence;Wang Chung-hui;37;FA;Naval Intelligence Specialist;Medium;M58042;x
58143;Head of Military Intelligence;Wei Cheng-chen;38;FA;Dismal Enigma;High;M58015;x
58144;Head of Military Intelligence;Saito Hiroshi;41;NS;Logistics Specialist;High;M58044;x
58145;Head of Military Intelligence;Matsuyama Shinjiro;43;NS;Industrial Specialist;Medium;M58017;x
58146;Head of Military Intelligence;Fukai Eigo;44;NS;Dismal Enigma;Medium;M58046;x
58147;Head of Military Intelligence;Lan Fang-mei;45;PA;Naval Intelligence Specialist;Very Low;M58047;x
58148;Head of Military Intelligence;Chang Su-lee;46;PA;Industrial Specialist;Very High;M58048;x
58149;Chief of Staff;Hsing Shi-lien;37;FA;School of Psychology;Medium;M58049;x
58150;Chief of Staff;Kawashima Yoshiko;38;FA;School of Mass Combat;Medium;M58006;x
58151;Chief of Staff;Nakajima Kesago;41;NS;School of Defence;Medium;M58051;x
58152;Chief of Staff;Isogai Ryozhi;43;NS;School of Psychology;Medium;M58052;x
58153;Chief of Staff;Igor Chernokoff;45;PA;School of Defence;Very Low;M58053;x
58154;Chief of Staff;Chao Chiu-hang;46;PA;School of Mass Combat;Very High;M58054;x
58155;Chief of Army;Hsing Shi-lien;37;FA;Elastic Defence Doctrine;Medium;M58049;x
58156;Chief of Army;Kawashima Yoshiko;38;FA;Guns and Butter Doctrine;Medium;M58006;x
58157;Chief of Army;Nakajima Kesago;41;NS;Elastic Defence Doctrine;Medium;M58051;x
58158;Chief of Army;Isogai Ryozhi;43;NS;Guns and Butter Doctrine;Medium;M58052;x
58159;Chief of Army;Manfred von Tscherwelen;45;PA;Armoured Spearhead Doctrine;Very Low;M58059;x
58160;Chief of Army;Pu-Yi;46;PA;Guns and Butter Doctrine;Very High;M58001;x
58161;Chief of Navy;Jizu Hosonoya;37;FA;Decisive Naval Battle Doctrine;Medium;M58061;x
58162;Chief of Navy;Yin Tsuo-chien;38;FA;Base Control Doctrine;Medium;M58062;x
58163;Chief of Navy;Oka Keijun;41;NS;Indirect Approach Doctrine;Medium;M58063;x
58164;Chief of Navy;Oda Yurozu;43;NS;Base Control Doctrine;Medium;M58064;x
58165;Chief of Navy;Kadono Chokuro;44;NS;Power Projection Doctrine;Medium;M58065;x
58166;Chief of Navy;Tai Chi-Quo;45;PA;Power Projection Doctrine;Very Low;M58066;x
58167;Chief of Navy;Chao Hsin-chu;46;PA;Open Seas Doctrine;Very High;M58020;x
58168;Chief of Air Force;Isono Yuzo;37;FA;Air Superiority Doctrine;Medium;M58068;x
58169;Chief of Air Force;Nakajima Shinji;38;FA;Naval Aviation Doctrine;Medium;M58069;x
58170;Chief of Air Force;Miyazaki Akira;41;NS;Army Aviation Doctrine;Medium;M58070;x
58171;Chief of Air Force;Ito Nobumi;43;NS;Carpet Bombing Doctrine;Medium;M58071;x
58172;Chief of Air Force;Kadono Chokuro;44;NS;Air Superiority Doctrine;Medium;M58065;x
58173;Chief of Air Force;Loh Tcheng;45;PA;Naval Aviation Doctrine;Very Low;M58019;x
58174;Chief of Air Force;Tsao Ping-sen;46;PA;Army Aviation Doctrine;Very High;M58074;x
58200;Head of State;Li Jishen;36;LWR;Weary Stiffneck;High;M502001;x
58201;Head of Government;Li Zongren;36;LWR;Flamboyant Tough Guy;High;L50186;x
58202;Foreign Minister;Wang JingWei;36;LWR;Biased Intellectual;High;M502003;x
58203;Minister of Armament;Yu Hanmou;36;LWR;Infantry Proponent;Medium;M502004;x
58204;Minister of Security;Lei Zhong;36;LWR;Man of the People;Medium;M502005;x
58205;Head of Military Intelligence;Li Jishen;36;LWR;Dismal Enigma;Medium;M502001;x
58206;Chief of Staff;Bai Chongxi;36;LWR;School of Manoeuvre;Medium;M502007;x
58207;Chief of Army;Chen Jitang;36;LWR;Guns and Butter Doctrine;Medium;M502008;x
58208;Chief of Navy;Bai Chongxi;36;LWR;Indirect Approach Doctrine;Medium;M502007;x
58209;Chief of Air Force;Wang Shuming;36;LWR;Air Superiority Doctrine;Medium;M502010;x
58210;Head of State;Long Yun;36;PA;Die-hard Reformer;High;M501001;x
58211;Head of Government;Long Yun;36;PA;Political Protege;High;M501001;x
58212;Foreign Minister;Zhou Zhirou;36;PA;Apologetic Clerk;High;M501003;x
58213;Minister of Armament;Liu Wenhui;36;PA;Battle Fleet Proponent;Medium;M501004;x
58214;Minister of Security;Ding Zhipan;36;PA;Crime Fighter;Medium;M501005;x
58215;Head of Military Intelligence;Mi Zaiming;36;PA;Political Specialist;Medium;M501006;x
58216;Chief of Staff;Long Yun;36;PA;School of Psychology;Medium;M501001;x
58217;Chief of Army;Long Yun;36;PA;Guns and Butter Doctrine;Medium;M501001;x
58218;Chief of Navy;Lu Han;36;PA;Open Seas Doctrine;Medium;M501009;x
58219;Chief of Air Force;Lu Han;36;PA;Carpet Bombing Doctrine;Medium;M501009;x
58220;Head of State;Yan Xishan;36;PA;Ruthless Powermonger;High;L50348;x
58221;Head of Government;Yan Xishan;36;PA;Smiling Oilman;High;L50348;x
58222;Foreign Minister;Wang Zuanxu;36;PA;Iron Fisted Brute;High;L50323;x
58223;Minister of Armament;Fu Zuoyi;36;PA;Air to Ground Proponent;Medium;L50085;x
58224;Minister of Security;Qu Yangke;36;PA;Prince of Terror;Medium;M503005;x
58225;Head of Military Intelligence;Shang Zhen;36;PA;Naval Intelligence Specialist;Medium;M503006;x
58226;Chief of Staff;Yan Xishan;36;PA;School of Defence;Medium;L50348;x
58227;Chief of Army;Yan Xishan;36;PA;Armoured Spearhead Doctrine;Medium;L50348;x
58228;Chief of Navy;Dmitrij Krolcheff;36;PA;Base Control Doctrine;Medium;M503009;x
58229;Chief of Air Force;Yan Xishan;36;PA;Carpet Bombing Doctrine;Medium;L50348;x

Please note that this is based upon the idea of Pu Yi restoring the Empire of China late in the game, not for an ahistoric "Qing never fell" scenario. If you want that, check out Kaiserreich or Interbellum mods. I've not written the event but at some suitable time you would change Manchukuo into Empire of China.
1) give independence to U13
2) defect all the units to U13
3) reload as U13
4) inherit MAN
Do not use the country = command. It is broken.

You can also set "regular_id = MAN" in the revolt.txt entry for U13 so you don't have to do #2.

New Nations has Homer Simpson. I don't. :rofl:
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Nov 30, 2005
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I have posted a link in my sig to a new version primarily intended to address a host of China related issues, not only the bug reported by Lord Finnish, but others as well. Empire of China is now fully operational, and Communist China has many new leaders.
Nov 26, 2007
Mrdie said:
How is progress? Also, you should probably add Kosovo.

Yeah with 0 IC it would be a fun nation to play with! :rofl: