New players advice on how to enjoy the full game

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Oct 14, 2012
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But that is the thing I am denouncing here. Scorned families is not a problem that needs a solution, is a feature of the game, something to experience. As said, the democratic party will approve you while there are scorned families, and disapprove you if there are content families.

If the player was not to assign all jobs and it was not in his hands to decide if families were scorned or not, maybe the game will feel more alive, and for sure players will enjoy all the content it has.
I'm a micromanager, almost in an obsessive way sometimes, so this is not possible. Also, screw the populists/democrats, i won't let one of these upstarts ruin everything (yes, i'm looking at you, Gaius Julius) ;)

But a bit more seriously, managing characters/families is part of the content for me. I find it much more immersive to follow the careers of the few very good characters, groom them for leadership (make them more prominent/popular, reasearch stuff that gives +skills when they're in charge etc) and pray that they produce at least usable offspring: Someone Cornelius Scipio has to earn his 'Africanus'. And having more characters with an income helps with that, in my experience, since there is no way to influence their (lack of) education.

Sure it's easier to learn the game for totally new players, but you do reduce the whole politics to a numbers game (and there isn't much politics to begin with).
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Apr 1, 2006
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How many cultures should I integrate then?

Stick to the missions or nah?
Personally, I integrate "valuable" cultures. For example, if I'm playing in the Mediterranean, I'll try to capture and integrate Punic pops, because the Punic culture gives you access to both North African military traditions AND Levantine traditions. Same thing with Ligurians (Italic + Barbarian military traditions) or Massilians (Greek + Barbarian military traditions). I enjoy having multicultural empires and experimenting with hybrid military tactics from different cultures, so that's often a fun focus for me.

I also integrate for RP reasons. For example, I'm currently playing a Cyprus game where I was a migratory Ligurian tribe that was pushed out of my starting location by Rome and decided to take Cyprus off of a very weak Antigonid Kingdom and settle there. As a result, most of my pops are Ligurian, and about a quarter of my pops are Cypriot. I decided to integrate Cypriot pops and give them nobility rights when I used the "create Cyprus" decision since it just appealed to me to have a half Italic, half native Cypriot culture, even though it would have made more sense to integrate another Greek culture (like Cretans, because I conquered Crete shortly after and they had far more pops).

But it's ultimately up to you.

(As far as the missions, I do them if they're relevant to me. Otherwise, I ignore them.)
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Oct 24, 2018
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But a bit more seriously, managing characters/families is part of the content for me.
I did not say the contrary.

I am saying that you may have the illusion to control characters and families but it is not real and the player gets frustrated very fast if caught in this misconception.

EDITED: I have opened a suggestion as this post was not for this thread
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