New intelligence option - is your nation in the lead or not

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Dec 18, 2018
One of the things that might be possible to add to the game, is an option, estimating whether your nation is ahead in a specific field of research, or not. This specific estimate, is hold up against the nations you have added to your intelligence list.

It may not be the most necessary feature in the game, however, it will nonetheless, make intelligence a bit more important. It can highlight if you should start focusing on a specific field of research, or not. It is long termed based with only 1 report per year.

For instance, when playing as Germany during the wartime phase, and the annual report estimate that Germany is behind in Interceptor, Anti aircraft and Radar research but ahead in Tank, Anti tank and Artillery research. Then, in such a case, you now have a better foundation, for a decision to start focusing your research, on Interceptor, Anti aircraft and Radar technology, while putting the research on Tank, Anti tank and Artillery on pause.

The report could also describe which nations your intelligence service estimate to be ahead or behind, in whatever the field of research.
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