New Idea Groups: Part 9 - Corfu, Epirus

New Idea Groups: Part 9 - Corfu, Epirus

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Jan 29, 2015
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Traditions - National Unrest: -1 / Missionary Strength vs Heretics: +1%
1) Door to the Adriatic - Trade Steering: +10%
Our humble nation is the first island on the entrance to the rich Adriatic Sea. Surely there is some trade benefit to be had out of this.​
2) Fight for Independence - Infantry Combat Ability: +10%
Whether it be the Venetians, the Ottomans or some other scum, historically Corfu was always under foreign rule. No more! We will set a new course in history as an independent nation, and fight to the death for it.​
3) The Old Fortress - Fort Maintenance: -10%
The Old Fortress was Corfu's largest fortification for much of its history. While the Venetians did well to fortify the island, it came at the expense of 2000 homes. We cannot reverse history, but the least we can do is ensure this fortress stays maintained in case of any attack.​
4) Hellenic Ties - Idea Cost: -5%
We may not de facto be a part of Greece, but our culture is strongly tied to that of the Greeks, and their rich history.​
5) Dominate the Adriatic - Galley Cost: -10% / Galley Combat Ability: +15%
Venice, Ragusa, many Italian states and even Austria. A lot of nations have been dominating the Adriatic and its trade for decades. Now that we are not a part of the Stato da Mar anymore, we can put an end to this by funding a grand navy of our own!​
6) Canis Canem Edit - Diplomatic Reputation: +1
You simply can't make it in this cruel world without backstabbing a few people. However, by hiring competent diplomats and telling our would-be allies sweet little lies, we can ensure they stay faithful until the day we won't need them anymore.​
7) Dissolve the Venetokratia - Morale of Armies: +10%
The Venetian rule over Greek territory is commonly referred to as Venetokratia. While we may be independent, there are various colonies and islands in Greece that are still under Venetian rule. Once and for all, let's expel the Venetians out of the Aegean Sea, and make Greece Greek again!​
Ambition - Missionary Strength: +2%


Traditions - Light Ship Cost: -20% / Merchants: +1
1) Michael Komnenos Doukas - Diplomatic Reputation: +1 / Diplomatic Relations: +1
Michael Komnenos Doukas was the founder and first ruler of Epirus. He established himself as the ruler of these parts through a royal marriage with the daughter of a local magnate. This country started through royal marriage, so we can expand our realm in the same manner.​
2) Successors to the Byzantine Empire - Yearly Prestige: +1
Michael Komnenos Doukas was the founder and first ruler of Epirus. He established himself as the ruler of these parts through a royal marriage with the daughter of a local magnate. This country started through royal marriage, so we can expand our realm in the same manner.​
3) Theodorian Expansion Policy - Aggressive Expansion Impact: -15%
Theodore Komnenos Doukas, heir to the founder of our fair nation, briefly incorporated Macedonia through a policy of aggressive expansion. We are much smaller now than we were in those glorious times, but very recently our advisors have presented us with a proposal on how to expand the nation, even naming the policy after Theodore. We must listen to our advisors, adopt this expansion policy and make our nation great again.​
4) Church of the Paregoretissa - Tolerance of the True Faith: +1
The Church was founded in late 13th century by the Despot of Epirus, Nikephoros Komnenos Doukas in the nation's capital. The church's architectural style shows a mix of Greek and Italian styles, perhaps unique in the Greek world.​
5) Chronicle of the Tocco - Chance of New Heir: +50%
The Chronicle of the Tocco focuses on the ascent of the Tocco family to power in Epirus. It also proudly identifies with the despotate's Byzantine traditions.​
6) Forests of Epirus - Shipbuilding Time: -10%
The inside of Epirus is mountainous and heavily forested. The large amount of wood at our disposal will ensure that we always have the resources we need to build a strong navy.​
7) Crusader Spirit - Morale of Armies: +10%
As one of the border nations between Christendom and the Muslims, we should revive the spirit of the Crusades. Our soldiers will be motivated and our people loyal when they know they're fighting for their faith.​
Ambition - Diplomatic Reputation: +1


There we go, Corfu finally gets its well needed national ideas, and Epirus is just happy to participate.

NEXT TIME - (Non-Habsburg) Styria as well as Tirol

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